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We love our boys bloody
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- Welcome! -

Welcome to the spn_hurtcomfort-community. This is a place for everything dealing with out favorite boys being hurt (physically or mentally), sick, scared or in other kinds of trouble. And boy, we do love the comfort. ;)
- Rulez -
#1 Play nice! Absolutely no bashing of any characters, actors, pairings or other members is allowed here!

#2 This is a Supernatural-centric-community, so everthing you post here should at least have something remotely to do with Supernatural or the actors

#3 This is a slash/het/femslash/gen/wincest/rps-friendly community

#4 Please label all fanfiction with proper ratings and warnings! =)

#5 All fics and all graphis that are more or bigger than an icon must be placed behind a lj-cut

#6 Spoilers for the show must DEFINITELY be placed behind a cut

#7 Please don´t forget to tag your entries! Tags are your friends!
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If you need tags or want to take a look at our excisting tags, please go here
- FAQs-
If you have any questions or complaints, please go here and check our faqs or contact me directly at bluebirdstears@yahoo.com
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