Julie (jackfan2) wrote in spn_hurtcomfort,

SPN FIC: The Gift ....... Birthday Present fic for adrenalineshots

TITLE: The Gift
AUTHOR: jackfan2

CHARACTERS: Dean, Sam, Castiel
WORDS: 5,562
GENRE: Humor/Hurt/Comfort
RATING: T, or PG13 for swearing and whatnot
BETAED: roqueclasique and after some suggested additions/revisions,
final approval from the birthday girl herself, adrenalineshots

SUMMARY: Dean is whisked away by the angels for an urgent rescue mission, leaving Sam clamoring to find him. Between a dubious gift and a bat-shit horse, angelic blessings and hell's curses can sometimes be frighteningly similar and all the more disastrous for Dean.

My good friend and cohort adrenalineshots had a birthday on the 3rd of September - WHOOT! *throws confetti* - and since I didn't have prior notification and since I write as slow as a turtle on Benadryl, this fic, which is in honor of her day, is my belated gift offering.
Tags: author: jackfan2, genre: gen, hurt!dean

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