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11 April 2009 @ 09:10 pm
A while ago, I promised you a comment-fic-meme as soon as we reached 100 members. And here it is!

Teh Rulez
01. Comment to this post with your prompt and desired pairing(s). Be as specific or unspecific as you like.
For example: "Sam, Dean (gen): hypothermia" or "Jared/Jensen: Jared gets hurt on set, Rating: at least R" or "Dean/Castiel: Castiel comforts Dean after a nightmare"
If you are unsure about a certain pairing or prompt, please go to our profile and read the general rules or ask in our FAQs
02. Post as many prompts as you like - but one prompt per comment only, please!
03. If you find a prompt that strikes your fancy, jump in and write some comment fic for the prompt poster
04. More than one comment fic response to a prompt is absolutely acceptable. (There is no such thing as too much hurt/comfort!)
05. Tell your friends to tell their friends to come and join the fun, add a prompt, write a fic and leave some love for the authors! ^___^
06. Play nice - no flames, no bashing is allowed here! If I see a rude comment to a prompt or a fic repsonse, I'll delete it without further warning.
07. Please no spam-comments and please don't ask questions about the meme here - use the FAQs-post. =)

And most important of all: Have lots of fun - make them bleed, make them cry, make them argue and most of all: let them hug and cuddle to make it all better! ;)

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Please use the code provided in the textarea beneath each picture. =)


Masterlist of fics:
lissa_ann : [Dean, Sam (gen): Teen!Sam gets roofied, big brother Dean to the rescue]
shadowofcastiel : [Dean/Castiel (slash, PG-13): Castiel hugs an agitated, distressed Dean]
9_of_clubs : [Dean/Castiel. Castiel gets punished for bending the rules to help Dean]
sinnerforhire : [Sam, Dean: Chickenpox]
authoressnebula : [Sam, Dean (gen), Post 4.18, Sam falls apart and tries to kill himself because of the events of the last few months]
tahirire : [Sam, Dean (gen): Teen!Sam spends some time at a camp while Dean and John are on a hunting trip. One night, exhausted!hurt!Dean sneaks into the camp to check on his little brother]
indigominstrels :  [JDM/Jensen/Jared: Jensen gets a very bad news from his family and won't eat for days. Jared and JDM get worried and don't want Jensen to be sick on top of it all]
persuna : [Gen. Sam gets hurt trying to save one of the seals. Protective!Dean and protective!Castiel]
blualbino : [Dean/Fallen!Castiel: Castiel gets his first dose of human illness and Dean has to take care of him]
maychorian : [Dean, Castiel (gen) - Little!Dean gets hurt somehow and his "guardian angel" Castiel comforts him]
blualbino [Sam, Dean (gen): After 4.18 TMATEOTS Dean reads Chuck's Mystery Spot book and finally gets the full story]
tahirire : [Sam, Pamela: AU of 4.01 or other S4 episode. Pamela can see Sam's strife and comforts Sam.]
charlie_d_blue : [Gen: A demon has a grudge against Castiel (maybe for his role in getting Dean saved, or in killing Alistair). Sam and Dean arrive in time to save their angel, but there's repair & comfort needed, of course]
sinnerforhire : [Dean, Sam (gen) - Dean gets hurt (breaks leg) and Sam has to carry him, much to Dean's dismay]
: [Sam, Dean (gen): Post BUaBS. Sam wakes up, middle of the road, middle of the night, middle of nowhere. Dean's run the tank bone dry]
atimi : [Jared/Jensen: Jensen + sunstroke + worried!Jared]
schwarze_elster : [Sam, Dean (gen): Dean falls down a hole in a cemetery. Sammy helps his big brother]
fhionnuiscetine :   [Sam (gen): what happened to Sam while Dean was in hell]
violet_eyes : [J2: Somehow the boys end up in the middle of a bank robbery and being taken hostage. Jared gets shot. Lots of angst ensues]
autumn_lilacs : [Bobby, Dean, gen. In early Season 2, the Impala is still in terrible shape. The car, she is hurt. The car, she needs comfort. Dean and Bobby provide]
rei17 :   [Dean, Sam (gen) - Dean gets hurt (breaks leg?) and Sam has to carry him, much to Dean's dismay]
parislove27 : [Sam, Dean (gen) - Dean passes out of the wheel of the Impala]
i_speak_tongue : [Dean, Sam (Gen): Dean saves a cat from a flooded storm water drain. Gets cold, wet and scratched up for his troubles; Sam tries not to laugh whilst patching him up]
hope_calaris : [Sam, Dean (gen): One of the guys has a health scare, the other worries and comforts]
ginzai :  [Sam, Dean, Bobby (gen): Bobby is severely injured helping the boys, the boys have to figure out how to save him for once. Bonus points for extremely protective boys]
blualbino :  [J2 or Sam, Dean: During workout/sports/training/messing around one of the boys accidentally hurts the other.]
blueeyedliz : [Jared/Jensen: Jared gets attacked by a stranger and Jensen finds him afterwards]
fhionnuiscetine : [Sam experiences extreme emotional distress after discovering that their fangirls think he's a necropheliac. Dean confronts this problem with his Righteous Brotherly Rage(TM)]
tahirire : [Sam, Dean (gen) - Sam comforts Dean for a change, making sure he knows he's worth it]
tripoli : [Sam (gen): what happened to Sam while Dean was in hell]
ginzai : [Dean, John (gen): Stanford-era, Sam is gone and Dean sleeps too little and eats too little and John doesn't realize how much he suffers until Dean gets sick/hurt]
tahirire : [Sam, Dean (gen): Unhinged, tied up Sam with a side order of badass protective Dean please]
i_speak_tongue : [Sam, Dean, John (Gen): Dean stops eating for days on end for reasons unknown and Sam has to get his big bro to eat again]
tir_synni :  [J2: Jensen gets bitten by a (poisonous) snake, location unimportant. Jared to the rescue!]
maychorian : [Wee!Dean, John, Mary: Dean vs Wasps]
blualbino : [Dean/Fallen!Castiel: Castiel gets his first dose of human illness and Dean has to take care of him]
blue_icy_rose : [Sam and Dean (Gen) - Season 4. The boys wind up in trouble on a case (doesn't matter how). Sam saves Dean at the cost of his own chance to get away, and winds up in danger. Dean comes to the rescue]
tahirire : [Sam, Dean (gen): Sam and Dean get accidentally trapped somewhere (on set or during a hunt) and one of the guys freaks out and gets a panic attack]
hope_calaris : [Sam (gen): what happened to Sam while Dean was in hell]
a_starfish : [Sam and Dean or Sam/Dean, immediately pre-Stanford. Dean can't really take this. He's falling apart thinking about what's about to happen to his family. Enter Sam]
sinnerforhire : [Sam, Dean, Jess: Sam as a modern Cassandra--sane or insane, real or imagined.]
maychorian : [Stanford era Dean and Bobby, gen. Dean gets injured (I ain't particular on this) and Bobby's the one who has to patch him up]
fhionnuiscetine : [S1, please, with Sam cleaning Dean up and badgering him about the scars received while he was at Stanford?]
blualbino : [Sam and Dean or Sam/Dean. Sam's first attempt at losing his virginity (to either gender) goes drastically wrong. Dean makes it better]
woodsbaile_02 : [Jared/Jensen: Jensen + sunstroke + worried!Jared] [Part 2], [Part 3], [Part 4]
blueeyedliz : [J2: Jared suffers from a chronic illness (asthma, diabetes ... ). Worried!Jensen ensues]
tahirire : [Sam, Dean(gen): Set sometime in season four. Sam has a fever and Dean is taking care of him. Sam also tells his brother he thinks Dean doesn't love him anymore, and Dean convinces him otherwise]
tir_synni : [Kripke, Jensen (gen): sick!Jensen and worried!Kripke, who gives top priority to his star's well-being.]
tir_synni : [Dean, John(gen): Both Dean and his father are injured on a hunt, and Dean tends to the other first and neglects his own wounds, causing complications later]
roque_clasique : [Sam, Dean - Sam gets a bad haircut. Dean to the rescue. Sam only ever lets Dean cut his hair from then on]
roque_clasique : [Sam, Dean (gen): Post BUaBS. Sam wakes up, middle of the road, middle of the night, middle of nowhere. Dean's run the tank bone dry]
roque_clasique : [John,Dean,Sam(Gen):Dean hurts his shoulder]
Anonymous: [Sam, Dean(gen): A curse stops Sam from sleeping, ever.]
embroiderama : [Sam/Jess: Sam gets hurt at Stanford for some reason when he's with his friends, far from a doctor, and he stitches himself up/sets his own bones, and his friends are all WOAH SAM HOW'D YOU GET SO BADASS and he's all *SHRUG*]
roque_clasique :  [Dean, Sam (gen or wincest): Set in S2, Sam passes out during a vision]
rosestoo : [Sam and Dean (Gen). A curse stops Sam from sleeping, ever]
maychorian : [Sam, Dean (Gen) Dean goes missing during a hunt, Sam find him days later dazed and confused]
roque_clasique : [Jensen, Jared (Gen) : Jensen takes Jared's dogs for a walk, and Harley/Sadie gets attacked by another dog. Jensen gets bitten pulling them apart. Jared yells at him for doing something so stupid, but is also super grateful to him for saving his dog]
sexynarwhal : [Dean, Sam (gen): Dean is de-aged and for some reason they can't change him back for awhile. Meanwhile a nasty gets wind of Dean's vulnerability, and he is kidnapped and moderately mistreated + PTSD!Dean]
i_speak_tongue : [Sam, Dean (gen): Dean gets sick during a hunt but keeps insisting he is fine. Only he is ... not]
roque_clasique : [Dean, Sam (gen): Dean on strong painkillers gets loopy and clingy, telling the nurses how much he loves his brother and not wanting Sammy to ever leave him, stuff like that - and yes, Sam is totally allowed to make fun of him afterwards]
cream_fudge : [Dean, Sam, gen, S1-4: Dean hurts his hands or his arms and can't use them and Sam has to feed him and shave him and tuck him in and tie his sneakers and button up his little flannel shirts]
sinnerforhire : [Dean, Sam, John (gen): Dean is hiding that a lingering cold has turned into pneumonia to go on a hunt in the middle of a howling storm]
tcs1121 : [Dean can sense the tension in the months before Sam leaves for Stanford, and he starts smoking heavily. Heh. Sam tries to get him to quit]
maychorian : [Teen!chesters -- Dean is badly injured on a hunt (broken leg/s a huge bonus) but still has to go to high school 'cause he's a senior and needs to graduate, and Sam keeps an eye out for him...]
uhzoomzip : [Jensen/jared - Jensen has appendicitis and collapses in the middle of a scene]
july_july_july : [Dean, John (gen): Teen!Dean is allowed to accompany John and another hunter on a hunt. The hunter keeps putting Dean down. In the end he is careless and does something stupid, so Dean gets hurt himself while protecting him. Featuring angry!scary!badass!John who rips the hunter a new one for putting his sons life in danger]
rei17 :  [Sam, Dean (gen): Narcoleptic!Dean], [Part 2+3]
momentine : [Teen!Dean drops acid (accidentally or on purpose) and has a bad trip, and Sammy has to talk him down off the roof of their house/apartment...]
hope_calaris : [J2: First time is a disaster (every possible accident is fine but nothing remotely non-con or dub-con, please!)]
deluweil : [J2: Jared realizes something's wrong with Jensen when Harley and Sadie wake him up in the middle of the night ...]
Maxine: [J2- in the middle of a scene jensen is stabbed in the stomach with a real knife instead of a prop]             
a_starfish : [Erratically driving the impala crazy/concussed Sam, with pursuing in another car Dean]
roque_clasique : [Teen!Dean drops acid (accidentally or on purpose) and has a bad trip, and Sammy has to talk him down off the roof of their house/apartment...]
iniq : [Stanford era Dean and Bobby, gen. Dean gets injured (I ain't particular on this) and Bobby's the one who has to patch him up], [Part 2 (slash!) ]
sinnerforhire : [Sam, Dean (gen) - Dean has a seizure]
july_july_july : [Sam/Jess. Sam gets homesick at Stanford. He can't tell Jess any details, but he's hurt and she's comforting]
ariadnes_string : [J2: Jared is off doing promo work for Friday the 13th while Jensen stays behind to film. Extra long days and no Jared means no sleep for Jensen and he gets sick]
Anonymous: [Sam, Dean (Gen or Wincest) - S4. Sam starts to sleep way more than usual. Cue worried Dean]
audleyssecret : [J2: Jensen has a very strong headache while filming a scene of Supernatural. He almost faints so the Director tells him to go take a nap in his trailer. Jared takes care of him]
july_july_july : [Dean, Sam, John (gen): Dean is hiding that a lingering cold has turned into pneumonia to go on a hunt (possibly following Sam and/or John without them knowing?) in the middle of a howling storm]
bellatemple : [Narcoleptic!Dean], [Part 2], [Part 3], [Part 4]
lissa_ann :   [Sam, Dean (gen): Post 4.18, Sam falls apart and tries to kill himself because of the events of the last few months. He doesn't want to go darkside, and believes he will because of Dean's comment about it], [Part 2], [Part 3]
sinnerforhire : [J2: Jensen's in a car accident. Jared tries to make him feel better]
saberivojo : [Sam, Dean (gen): Teen!Sam spends some time at a camp while Dean and John are on a hunting trip. One night, exhausted!hungry!(maybe even hurt)Dean sneaks into the camp to check on his little brother], [Part 2], [Part 3]
july_july_july : [Dean, Sam, Castiel; PTSD!Castiel or traumatized!Castiel, maybe as a result of torture, rape, I dunno. Taken in and cared for]
saralikeme : [RPS - Jared or Jensen gets a bad stomach bug and tries to keep it a secret so shooting doesn't get delayed]
tir_synni : [Dean, Sam, John: AU after first season's car crash. The YED is dead, John didn't make the deal. But after Dean wakes up from the coma he's not the same as before (might be PTSD, physical or mental disabilities or he's in need of constant treatmeant due to some injuries, stuff like that). I'd love to read something where Sam, Dean and John settle down somewhere and try to find a way back into a normal life]
fhionnuiscetine : [Sam, Dean (gen): Set sometime in season four. Sam has a fever and Dean is taking care of him. Sam also tells his brother he thinks Dean doesn't love him anymore, and Dean convinces him otherwise]
dodger_winslow : [Bobby and John, gen. John is injured on a hunt and Bobby knows that he has to get him back to his boys]
fhionnuiscetine : [Sam, Dean, Jess (gen, het): AU (obviously), Jess gets hit on rather aggressively. Protective!Sam&Dean, please]
riverbella : [Dean, Sam, John (gen): Dean loses an eye and has to re-learn hunting stuff with his new, altered depth perception]
embroiderama : [John, Dean, Sam (gen): John gets a call from school, that one of his boys got hurt/passed out during class ...], [Part 2], [Part 3], [Part 4]
maychorian : [Dean, John (gen): Teen!Dean (16-18-ish) is allowed to accompany John and another hunter on a hunt. The hunter keeps putting Dean down. In the end the other dude is careless and does something stupid, so Dean gets hurt himself while protecting him. I really want angry!scary!badass!John who rips the hunter a new one for putting his sons life in danger]
i_speak_tongue : [Dean, Sam, gen, S1-4: Dean hurts his hands or his arms and can't use them and Sam has to feed him and shave him and tuck him in and tie his sneakers and button up his little flannel shirts], [Part 2]. [Part 3]. [Part 4a]. [Part 4b]
Maxine: [Dean is de-aged (physically) but even though his mind is still his, his body is a kid’s and he needs a nap. Sam attempts to convince him of this; Dean is NOT impressed. But in the end he falls asleep on Sam's shoulder anyway]
sinnerforhire : [J2: Feverish Jensen, Nightmare Jensen, Jared comforts him]
ariadnes_string : [Dean, Sam, Castiel (gen): Dean has a fever or a concussion and thinks he's back in hell. Sam and Castiel have to look after him and try and talk him through it]
deluweil : [J2: Jensen and Jared are in a bar to see Chris and Steve on stage, when a fight starts not very far from Jensen and he gets caught in it and gets hurt]
audleyssecret : [J2: Jensen and Jared are in a bar to see Chris and Steve on stage, when a fight starts not very far from Jensen and he gets caught in it and gets hurt]
tir_synni : [Dean, John (gen): Dean loses an eye and has to re-learn hunting stuff with his new, altered depth perception], [Part 2], [Part 3]
Maxine:  [J2:Jensen has a punctured or collapsed lung]
iniq : [J2: Asthmatic!Jensen]
rosestoo : [Sam, Dean (Gen): If your sister or your brother were stumbling on their last mile ~ in a self-inflicted exile]
tripoverhercats : [Dean, Bobby (gen): Pre series : Dean is hunting solo. Sam is at school, not returning his calls, Dad has gone off the grid as well. A big bad gets Dean in the forest, and he knows he is dying -- it's a dangerous gig, but he calls Bobby because he doesn't want to check out alone]
tir_synni : [J2 : Jensen has some kind of ailment that ends up being exacerbated by plane travel. Bring on the in-air hurt/comfort]
woodsbaile_02 : [J2: ared realizes something's wrong with Jensen when Harley and Sadie wake him up in the middle of the night ...], [Part 2], [Part 3], [Part 4]
sg2009: [Dean, Sam (gen): Dean is de-aged and for some reason they can't change him back for awhile. Meanwhile a nasty gets wind of Dean's vulnerability, and he is kidnapped and moderately mistreated, PTSD!Dean]
theditor : [J2: Jensen has an allergic reaction to something on set & goes into anaphylactic shock & almost dies in Jared's arms]
faye_dartmouth : [Sam, John, Pastor Jim (gen): Ten-year-old Sammy wakes up in the backseat of the Impala to find the car in the ditch; John trapped, bloody and out-of-his-head-confused in the front seat; and the passenger door hanging open with Dean nowhere to be found]
no_apologies_86 : [Sam, Dean (gen): After 4.18 TMATEOTS Dean reads Chuck's Mystery Spot book and finally gets the full story. Because it's never too late for surprise!Mystery Spot codas], [Part 2]
tir_synni : [Sam, Dean (gen) : Weechesters. A training session ends badly when Sam gets hurt trying to meet John's expectations]
geminigrl11 : [Dean, Sam, Castiel (gen): Apocalypse/War timeframe. Dean and Sam have been separated (by choice, Angelic intervention, what-have-you) for weeks when Dean, seemingly randomly, finds Sam in an abandoned church, bloody and half-insane from trauma]
rei17 : [Sam, Dean (gen): girl!Dean, Sam Sam's sister gets hurt and it's the first time he realizes just how fragile his sister really is]
Anonymous: [Sam, Dean (gen):Weechesters - Sam is poisoned by a bite he receives from a supernatural creature during a hunt. Dean to the rescue]    
katriel1987 : [Sam, Dean (gen): Exhausted-to-the-point-of collapse Dean]
uhzoomzip : [Dean, Sam, post 4.16: Dean’s in the hospital and not getting better as fast as he should be due to medical complications/a way overdue emotional breakdown/whatever, and Sam is kind of scarily protective of him and intimidates all the staff/pretty angels]
roque_clasique : [Dean, John, (gen): Dean in traction. Multiple broken bones. Surgery. Weird scary external fixators]
mad_server : [Sam, Dean (gen): Dean is sick and wears one of Sam's hoodies]
a_starfish : [Sam, Bobby, Dean (gen): Sam's S4 powers make him ill]
selene_13 : [Sam, Dean (gen): Sam and Dean are in a car accident and Dean is more worried about the damage to the car than the damage to himself, even though he's actually quite badly hurt]
kiscinca : [Sam, Dean (gen): S4, dealing with Sam's drinking whilst Dean was gone], [Part 2], [Part 3], [Part 4]
Maxine:  [Dean, Sam, Bobby (gen): I need a story where Dean has been de-aged (physically &mentally).Sam takes him to Bobby's & they both look after the little guy until they can get big Dean back]
iniq : [J2: For some reason, Jared thinks Jensen did something and is mad at him/ yells at him. Turns out, Jensen didn't do anything, and is pretty hurt Jared could think he'd do something like that . ]
Anonymous: [Sam, Dean, (Gen): S4, Dean has an especially effed up relationship with pain now, Sam finds out/realises]
hope_calaris : [J2: Jensen wet and in Jared's clothes]
tir_synni : [Sam, Dean (gen):  Dean falls in a lake in the middle of winter. Hypothermic!Dean]
tir_synni : [Sam,  Dean (gen)  : Dean gets a pretty nasty scar that cuts across his lips (but it's actually extremely hot and badass he just doesn't realize it) and he's really self-conscious about laughing or smiling or anything to do with his mouth, maybe stops talking or something. Sam comforts him]
saralikeme : [John, Sam (gen): Dean is gone for a few days for some reason and when Sam falls sick, it falls to John to do the things that Dean usually does for his little brother]
woodsbaile_02 : [Chris, Jensen (gen): Jensen gets hit on rather aggressively by a stranger in a bar]
sg2009:  [Sam, Dean (gen): Dean has sneeze syncope (faints for a short time after sneezing)]
mad_server : [Sam, Dean (gen): Due to his "rehymenated" body not coming with all the resistance to things his old body had built up, Dean keeps getting sick]
july_july_july : [Sam, Dean (gen): Dean shows up at Stanford Sam's freshman year with a through-and-through bullet wound in his leg (or somewhere else, if you must), and Sam patches him up as his roommate quietly freaks out]
a_starfish : [Sam, Dean (gen): Dean gets a pretty nasty scar that cuts across his lips (but it's actually extremely hot and badass he just doesn't realize it) and he's really self-conscious about laughing or smiling or anything to do with his mouth, maybe stops talking or something. Sam comforts him]
legoline : [Sam, Dean gen): Dean with a limp]
tir_synni : [Sam, dean (gen): Dean has broken up with his boyfriend and is moping - but doesn't dare tell Sam the real reason in case they freak]
kiscinca : [Sam, Dean (gen): Set after "Metamorphosis". Sam has his third cold in two months, and Dean takes care of him]
innocentculprit : [Sam, Dean (gen): Dean has a concussion and a fever and is confused and headachy and tired and sad and sleepy]
Anonymous: [Sam, Dean (AU): Sam is a doctor now,one night Dean shows up at his hospital...] inspired by this graphic (@animotus )
iniq : [Sam, Dean (AU): Sam is a doctor now, one night Dean shows up at the hospital ....] inspired by this graphic (@animotus )
iniq : [J2: Jensen limps and Jared worries]
twasadark : [Sam, Dean (gen): Set sometime in season four. Sam has a fever and Dean is taking care of him]
sinnerforhire : [J2 + Misha: Misha feels like a bit of an outsider when he joins the SPN cast, because Jared and Jensen are so close. He gets hurt on set somehow and finally gets accepted as 'one of the boys']
sinnerforhire : [Jared, Jensen, Misha (RPF) - The three of them are hanging out in the free time, someone starts having heart trouble]
sinnerforhire [J2: One of the boys get sick with the flu and the other takes care of him]
deadmandarcie : [Dean, Castiel (gen) - Little!Dean gets hurt somehow and his "guardian angel" Castiel comforts him.], [Part 2], [Part 3]
weesta : [Jensen, Misha (gen): Jensen and Misha are running lines together when Misha collapses. Worried!Jensen ensues]
deadmandarcie : [Sam and Dean (Gen). A curse stops Sam from sleeping, ever.]
tir_synni : [Sam, Dean (wincesty): Hurt of your choice, but Dean is unconscious or out of it in some way so that Sam has to undress him. Dean is wearing girl panties.]
sinnerforhire : [J2: After some long and exhausting shoots, (bruised/hurty!)Jensen falls asleep on the couch while they're watching a movie together - with an ice pack on his shoulder]
i_speak_tongue : [Sam, Dean (gen): Outsider POV from someone in Dean's junior year ceramics class -- Dean busts one of his arms/shoulder and can't spin the clay on the wheel, so he's stuck making coil pots one-handed. Sam's in the woodworking class down the hall and sometimes he stops by to mock his brother.]

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Live like you mean it and love til you feel it: Sam (High School Horror)rei17 on April 12th, 2009 08:13 pm (UTC)
Sam, Dean (gen): Teen!Sam spends some time at a camp while Dean and John are on a hunting trip. One night, exhausted!hungry!(maybe even hurt)Dean sneaks into the camp to check on his little brother.
Not Quite by Firelight: Boys on the Bustahirire on April 12th, 2009 10:07 pm (UTC)
Not sure if this is what you were looking for , but.. ;)
Sam sighs, laying his head down on the pillow for the hundredth time that night, and thinking for just about the same amount how much this sucks.

Just because he’s less than happy with the hunting life doesn’t mean they can just leave him behind. Ok, yes, so he had always begged Dad to let him come to camp, but this isn’t …


Sam tries not to groan. He doesn’t want to wake up Tommy in the bunk below. Sam likes soccer. Sam likes baseball. Sam likes academics. Any camp like that would have been fine.

Sam HATES archery.

The first day, he earned the firm hatred of every other kid by not missing the bullseye once. He knew what he was doing every time he knocked an arrow, but he just couldn’t bring himself to care.

Dad wants me to practice?

Knock, pull, release, bullseye.

Fine. Practice THIS.

Knock, pull, release, bullseye.

Now it’s been three days, and ok, the silence from the other kids is annoying, but the real problem is he’s 14 years old, he’s trained like a warrior, and he’s laying awake tonight practically scared to death because, because …

Sam goes ahead and groans.

He’s worried about them. Figures.

Sam shakes his head, distracted from his musings by a small tap on the window beside his ear. Even the bugs here hate me, he thinks. Stupid things are always buzzing ar-

Tap, tap, tap.

“What the …” Sam mutters. He shakes his bangs out of his eyes, peering through the window into the dark. He doesn’t seen anything, but the tapping takes on a familiar pattern, and he lets out a gasp of surprise.

He climbs down from the bunk quietly. He knows how to move in the dark. None of the other kids even move when he closes the door.

Sam moves quickly into the edge of the woods, searching the shadows anxiously.

“Hey, over here, kiddo.”

“Dean? What’re you doing here? Are we leaving? Is Dad ok? Why’d you –"

“Woah, easy sport, one question at a time!” Sam makes out his brother’s lean outline among the trees, sees Dean’s green eyes glittering in the full moonlight.

Sam grins sheepishly, moving to Dean’s side.

“You’re not leaving,” Dean says. “And Dad’s fine. He doesn’t know I’m here, ok?”

Sam’s grin fades. Dean sounds tired, and now that Sam is closer he can make out small cuts on his brother’s face. Dean is holding his arm funny, and his eyes look a little dazed.

“Dean?” Sam reaches for his brother without hesitation and Dean doesn’t back away. He lets Sam take his elbow and help him to the ground. He gives Sam an embarrassed grin.

“It’s ok, Sammy. Zigged when I shoulda zagged, is all.”

Sam snorts. “Uh-huh.”

Sam moves around to Dean’s side and helps as his brother struggles stiffly to pull his jacket off. Underneath, Dean’s right t-shirt sleeve is shredded and caked with blood.

“Ugh, Dean,” Sam groans.

Dean takes a swat at Sam with his good arm. He looks more relaxed already. “S’nothing,” he slurs as Sam carefully peels the tattered fabric away. “So you ok here, Sammy? They treating you good? Accidentally shoot anybody?”

Sam wrinkles his nose, inspecting the wound. “It’s fine I guess. All bullseyes so far.”

Dean smiles knowingly. “Ouch.”

“Yeah, they hate me.” Sam stands smoothly. “I’m going to get some water for that. Please tell me you have a needle and thread.”

Dean nods wearily, settling against the nearest tree trunk.

Sam turns and heads for the mess hall. He’ll be in huge trouble if he gets caught, but he already knows he won’t. He starts making a mental checklist of what he’ll need – hamburgers are somewhere at the top, followed closely by antibiotics from the infirmary ...

And maybe he should stop by the chapel, because Dean is gonna need some serious prayer if John finds out he’s gone.

“Hey, Sammy.”

Sam stops. “Yeah?”

He can’t see Dean anymore, but he can still picture the look on his face.

“Thanks, dude.”

Sam grins to himself in the dark. His family is totally hopeless sometimes.

But maybe camp doesn’t suck quite as much.
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saberivojosaberivojo on April 20th, 2009 01:23 am (UTC)
First time trying this. Hope this is close. No matter it was fun.
Sam had been begging for one month to go to camp. Dad thought it was a stupid idea. It didn’t matter that it would help in every single class. His guidance counselor suggested it because this school had some strange participation grade and since Sam came into school so late in the year, Sam thought he needed it. Of course what Sam thought and what Dad thought were at totally different ends of the spectrum. And really, Sam was sure that whatever he thought carried no weight anyway. The only reason dad fell for it all was because they offered archery. It was the thought that maybe Sam would be able to improve his crossbow skills that was the deciding factor. That and that Dad needed Dean on a hunt. So Sam could be babysat in the woods with counselors and fire rings but only because it fit into John Winchester’s game plan. No matter, Sam had a weekend without hunting and Dad. He planned on enjoying every second.

So night number two, Saturday. And the kids are sitting around the fire. The counselors are telling ghost stories, which almost makes Sam laugh out loud. But the night is warm, the stars are bright and if he looks away from the brightness of the fire, something that his father had drilled into him regarding night vision, he can see clearly into the woods. So he moves to the back of the circle, deeper into the woods, lays up against a tree, sinks into the cool, mossy ground. The counselor isn’t really a bad storyteller but the Hookman story is one Sam can recite backwards and forwards. Not to mention the guy only has part of the facts right so he just put his head back and tried to zone out. Just relax. And maybe because he is so relaxed, he almost doesn’t hear the low hoot owl off to his right. Soft but low, as in sitting on the ground low and that makes no sense at all. Owls did not hoot on the ground.

Suddenly he is very aware, every sense straining into the night, a moment later he hears a slurred “Sammy.” And with that Sam backs further away from the fire and into the woods. It only takes a moment for him to find Dean.

Dean is leaning up against a tree, much like Sam had been a moment ago, but his head is nodding towards his chest in away that seems less relaxed and more exhausted.

Sam scrambles to Dean, hands carefully palpating through down his flannel shirt. “Dean, Jesus, Dean are you okay?”

“M’ok, Sam, Just wanted to check on your sorry ass, s’all.”

Sam continues his brief triage. “Fuck, Dean, you are bleeding here. Really bleeding. Where the hell is Dad?” Sam pulls a bandana from his pocket. It is pretty clean, not perfect, but Sam wants to stop the blood. He quickly folds it into a crude four by four and pushes it against Dean’s left shoulder, he pushes hard
and is actually satisfied by the hiss as Dean exhales. “Fuck, Sam getthehelloffame.” Sam ignores Dean, continues on in his mental checklist of injuries.

“Dean, what’cha got here?” Sam reaches around to the back of Dean’s shirt, doesn’t feel any kind of an exit wound.

“Just a scrape li’l brother.” But Dean is slurring his words, his head lolls even further down and he slumps onto Sam’s shoulder. Dean is out for the count, and in the woods, with no back up and no idea what went wrong, Sam feels like just he should just yell up to the campfire to tell someone to call 911. But Sam is a Winchester, and like it or not, family rules run deep, protect each other not only from the shit that goes bump in the night, but from regular people who might not quite understand why Sam is holding his bleeding brother in the middle of the woods at camp Whathefucka or what ever this place is called.

So he checks his brother’s carotid. Feels his pulse strong and steady under his fingertips. Good pulse. And he listens carefully, but Dean is breathing a little shallow but strong and despite the blood seeping through the handkerchief, he hasn’t lost enough blood to expect him to be bleeding out. What the fuck is going on? Sam reaches around and feels the egg shaped lump on the back of Dean’s head, well, that would account for the unconsciousness. Shit where in the hell is dad and what the fuck happened?

saberivojosaberivojo on April 20th, 2009 01:33 am (UTC)
Part 2
Sam slides his hand into Dean’s inner jacket pocket and feels for the cell phone that should be there. He pulls it out and frantically dials his father.

Sam hears a distant ring, amazed there is any reception here and then a moment later “Where the fuck are you?”

“Dad, it’s Sam.”

“SAM!” Dad is almost bellowing even with the tinny reception.

“Put your brother on the line. Now.”

And Sam actually thinks about handing the cell to Dean because fuck, Dad sounds mad and when he says things like now, he usually means it. “Dad, Dean’s hurt, probably a concussion, he is bleeding from what looks like a puncture wound and he is unconscious”

“He is with you? – At the camp? Christ Sam, that’s a good 20miles from here. Sam. Keep him stable, stay with him. And for chrisakes, keep him awake. I’ll be there as quick as I can.”

The line goes dead and isn’t that just like Dad. Sure, screw the singing (and yes they are singing in the background now) campfire campers. Screw the fact that Dean is slumped over in the woods and just figure it out, Sam. Wake him the fuck up, Sam. Do what you got to do.

Sam knows his position here is vulnerable. Too close to the camp, not enough cover to keep Dean hidden, not enough of anything really. There is an abandoned cabin about ½ mile through the woods. It was really not much more than a storage shed, but if he could get Dean there, he could at least be able to set up a perimeter.

Sam leans over Dean, he whispers low “Dean, Dean, c’mon, we gotta get our asses out of here.”

Dean moans low but doesn’t respond. “Dean! Get you ass up!” Sam tries for a John Winchester – like command but he is fourteen for crying out loud and he just doesn’t have the growl. Well, shit. He was so hoping not to do this. Sam reached under Dean’s coat again, pushes a little on the mostly stopped puncture wound.

“Shhiiittfuuckwhatareyourdoin” That elicits a response and Dean jerks his head back slamming it against the tree.

“Sorry, Dean. This position’s not safe. We gotta move.” Sam reaches under Dean and tries to pull-drag his brother upright. Dean struggles to get his feel under him then leans his weight on Sam. Sam is strong, small but strong, still Dean feels like a ton of bricks against his shoulder. Sam slings arm behind his brother’s belt, uses the leather to help hold him upright.

“So, Sammy, howareya doin’? I was worried about ya.” Dean mumbles low as they stagger step toward the general area of the cabin.

“M’fine, Dean. You know. Camp. Swimming. Arts and Crafts. Pony rides if you are really good. Not that big of a deal.” Sam shakes his head but continues pushing his brother along.

“Well, Sammy, you can never tell. ‘Cause there is shit everywhere. Even out here.” Dean nods vaguely in the direction of the camp where the sounds of singing have long since faded.

Dean pauses, leans a bit more on Sam. “Where the fuck is Dad?” Dean seems totally and utterly confused, his head drops a bit more.

“How about we just take a li’l break, Sammy. M’so fuckin’ tired.” Dean stops forward momentum, just plain stops and Sam thinks he may not be able to get him going again.

“Dean, you can’t stop now. The cabin is not too far off.”

saberivojosaberivojo on April 20th, 2009 01:45 am (UTC)
Part 3

Dean sways and Sam starts to feel the full weight of his brother against him.

“DEAN!” Sam barks sharp and quick and it snaps his brother’s head up, his eyes focusing for a second on Sam.

“Dad is coming, and you better have your ass at that cabin when he gets here. He sounded pissed, Dean. Really pissed so you better get your shit together and move it.”

The threat of pissed dad seems to add incentive. Dean straightens up, pulls a little more weight off of his brother and keeps his head more vertical.

There’s no more talking, just Sam and Dean’s labored breathing. Dean from trying to stand upright and walk, Sam from trying to hold the weight of his heavy-as-shit brother up.

Sam tries to readjust Dean; he can feel the blood seeping through the makeshift bandage. It is running warm and slick down his fingers that are looped around Dean’s belt. He thinks for a moment about stopping to check it, but the possibility of losing forward momentum just seems too great.

“C’mon, Dean. Stop being such a pansy assed girl. We’ re almost there but if you can’t walk a fuckin’ straight line, it is gonna take us forever.”

Dean throws a look at Sam, with just enough Dean attitude to give Sam hope.

“Fuck. You.”

“There ya go. Dean. That’s what we need.” And Sam grins in spite of the situation and the blood dripping down his arm.

Suddenly, the cabin is ahead of them and Sam doesn’t think he has ever been so happy to see a shitty cabin. He struggles up to the door, notices the rusty pad lock that holds the latch. For a minute Sam contemplates kicking the door in, but he opts instead to prop Dean up against the door and pull his set out of his jacket. Sam snickers to himself, Dean is such a boy scout, always prepared. It is open in a second, Sam is good at this, he pushes the door open and it swings in, offering a tiny cabin with a lone bed up against the wall, paint cans and tools taking up most of the space.

Sam retrieves Dean’s slumping body and drag shuffles him to the bed. Carefully he tries to lay Dean down, but his body is big and once he starts heading down gravity takes over and he lands with a chuff. Dust billows from around the sagging mattress.


“Oww? that’s all you got, Dean.” But Sam grabs a chair and slides it up to his brother. He reaches over, touches Dean’s forehead briefly with the back of his hand checking for fever. Dean lazily swats Sam’s hand away.

“Leme alone.”

“Sure, Dean.”

Sam reaches under the jacket, notices the bleeding is slowing down again. A moment later Dean starts to drift off.

Sam calls Dad, gives him the coordinates of the cabin. He should be here soon fifteen minutes tops.

“Dean, Dad’s on his way. Wake up, Dude. I think you will have some explaining to do.”

“Just worried ‘bout you, Sam. It’s all good.”

“Hey, Dean. Did ja’get it?”

“Yeah. Got it.”

There in this dusty cabin, with his brother still bleeding slightly into a bandana it occurs to Sam that this could only be Winchester thing. This was fucking camp for chrisakes. CAMP and here he is waiting for his father to show up, to patch up Dean and to send Sam back to a fire circle of campers. Still, Dean got it. Whatever it was, Dad and Dean got it so it shouldn’t feel this bad. Except it kind of does. It shouldn’t have to be this way. He is at a camp. He is not even on a fucking hunt and still it comes to him. He watches his brother's rhythmic breathing and thinks it's okay. Really weird. Fucked up. But okay.

He shakes his head, sighs and listens for the familar sound of the Impala growling up to the cabin. Whatever.

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saberivojosaberivojo on April 23rd, 2009 02:13 am (UTC)
Part 4 Because Rei asked for some more
Sam isn’t shocked that Dad makes it to the abandoned shack in 10 instead of 15. And while he doesn’t hear the Impala skid onto the crush and run that marks the makeshift driveway in front of this cabin, he can hear the gravel shower up on to the front of the cabin door. Sam is kind of glad that Dean has dropped off, because he would be pissed as hell at Dad for possibly dinging his girl up like road rash.

Dad shoulders through the door like a tornado, face dark and intense. But he is not yelling which is a good thing. It is like he is all forward momentum trying desperately to be still. That in itself is a miracle….John Winchester does not have that self monitoring part of the brain that tells him he is stepping over the line. Or maybe he has it, but chooses to ignore it. Whatever the reason, Sam is glad that dad finds the discipline to calm himself briefly before he reaches Dean.

He drops quietly to Dean’s side, mirror’s Sam’s triage earlier. Carotid, checks his breathing and bleeding. Lightly palpates down his ribs. Gently reaches behind his head to feel for the lump. He nods to himself or maybe to Sam.

“Good job, Sam.”

Sam looks stunned at the compliment. The old man doesn’t offer accolades very often. Sam feels the heat of a blush up his neck and cheeks. He is thankful there is little or no light in this cabin. He drops his chin, embarrassed by three simple words.

“Dean.” Dad’s voice is low and not particularly harsh but the one word pulls Dean out of sleep.

“Sir?” Dean sounds confused but opens his eyes, and Sam watches as he meets his fathers gaze. It is a little unfocused. But it looks like he is trying.

“How’d the hell did this happen, son?” Again, Dad is not being mean but he wants answers. Dad pulls the jacket back to reveal the puncture wound that Sam has field dressed.

Dean sounds tired. “Dunno, Dad. Didn’t realize it. Not at first anyway. “

For the first time, Dad lets a little edge creep into his voice. “You have a fuckin’ hole in your shoulder, Dean. How the hell do you not notice a fuckin’ hole in your shoulder?”

Dean seems to wince a Dad’s words. And right there, Sam starts to get mad. Yeah, Dean fucked it up, but he is hurt and why can’t the old man just fix him up and tear him a new one when Dean can at least sit up.

“C’mon, Dad. Save the Spanish Inquisition till he’s feeling better.” Sam grates it out, laces it with disrespect and insolence.

Dad turns his head so sharp Sam swears he hears something break. “What did you say to me?”

Sam pulls him self up to his full five foot nothing height. Lifts his chin. “I said to leave him alone, Dad. He’s out of it. Any answers you are gonna get will be fucked up anyway.”

Sam can see the anger roll off his father, it flashes through Sam’s mind kind of irrationally that if he could see auras his father’s would be black. Black and boiling and heading straight toward Sam. Sam takes an unconscious step back. It kind of pisses him off that his father hasn’t made a move in his general direction and still Sam can’t hold his ground.

There is a good ten second break, where Sam can actually see his father pulling back, maybe counting to ten or twenty or something. Oh, he is still plenty pissed but he is reining it in, kind of like a pit bull that has come to the edge of his chain and realizes there is nothing to do but wait it out.

“I am not doing this now, Sam. WE are not doing this now. Get out in the Impala and bring in the kit. Make sure you leave that attitude out there before you step back in here again. Got it?”

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saberivojosaberivojo on April 23rd, 2009 10:36 am (UTC)
Part 5
Sam pivots almost in an about face and starts toward the door. “Sam. I mean it. Do you understand?” Dad’s voice is quiet but he expects an answer.

Sam is facing the other way, hand almost on the door. “Yes, sir. Got it.” He rips open the door as hard as he can, slams it solidly behind him. The walk to the Impala is only a step or two, but Sam feels the tears well up. The man makes him so fuckin’ mad. Mad enough to hit something or somebody. And to top it all off, Sam doesn’t even have the balls to tell the old man to go fuck himself. Yes, sir. No, sir. Aye, aye, sir. Well fuck. It. All.

But he will not give Dad the satisfaction of seeing him cry so he shakes his head hard and wills the tears to stop. No way is he gonna cry like some baby. Just because his Daddy makes him mad. Winchesters don’t cry. Not at all. And that is a Dean rule, not a Dad rule. No chick flick moments, Sam. Shut the fuck up.

He opens the trunk, locates the med kid and briefly thinks his father was a moron for not bringing it in when he came in the cabin anyway. That makes him feel a little better for some reason. Yeah, it feels good to know that John Winchester stupidly left his kit in the car while his son is bleeding in the cabin. Of course, that isn’t fair either, because Sam knows dad just wanted to get into to Dean. To check him out himself. Whatever.

He takes a deep breath. Takes another. Because Dad meant it when he said leave the attitude outside. And Sam doesn’t know if he can do that, but Dean sure as hell doesn’t need a knock down drag out fight tonight so for Dean he will do it. And honestly, Sam has spent most of his teenage years covering up shit, so what does one more lie make in a lifetime of lies.

He opens the door and walks back into to the cabin.

Sam stops next to his father, does his best to make his face as expressionless as possible and hands him the kit.

Dad takes it without even acknowledging Sam. “Gimme some help here, Sam. Let’s get his jacket off and take a look.” Dad doesn’t look at Sam, doesn’t offer any kind of encouraging remarks to Dean. He just expects Sam to do what he says and expects Dean to deal. And both Sam and Dean do. He slides in behind his brother and helps support his back while he and his father gently remove Dean’s jacket. Dean moans a little when his shoulder is jostled but otherwise remains pretty stoic about the whole thing.

Dad grimly looks at the field dressing, lifts the corner to evaluate the puncture wound. Since Dean seems to have no idea what it is or how it happened, John splashes holy water into the wound, looks satisfied when there is no burning or bubbling. The only real response is Dean’s slightly arched brown, “It didn’t slash me or anything, Dad.” Dean sounds a little sullen and a little embarrassed at the same time.

“Well, son, if you can come up with some kind of scenario as to what the fuck might have happened, I would sure as hell love to hear it.”

Dean drops his eyes, and it looks to Sam like he is trying to hard not to hear the not so subtle order in his father’s voice.

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saberivojosaberivojo on April 24th, 2009 10:40 am (UTC)
Part 6
John pulls the dressing off completely, starts to unbutton Dean’s flannel shirt. Dean tries to bat his father’s hand away, but John is persistent. “Ya only got one arm that works, Dean. If you aren’t goin’ to offer any information as to how the hell this happened, then you damn well better stop fightin’ me while I’m trying to figure it out.”

Dean stills. Allows his father to unbutton and remove his shirt. Sam helps, carefully pulling it off and drops it on the musty bed. Shirtless, the shoulder hole looks worse, still sluggishly seeping blood, angry and deep, a good size hole that looks painful as shit. Dad has already checked for an exit wound, just like Sam did. Nothing. Dad pulls the saline and flushes the wound with copious amounts of it. The salt water pours back out on to the bed, leaving a trail of pink and red that stream down Dean’s chest. Dad washes his hands with antiseptic then moves to gently exploring the wound.

Dean hisses with pain. Takes a deep gasping breath when Dad prods a little hard. “Fuck, Dad. Why don’t you use a hot poker?”

Dad pulls his hand out of Dean’s shoulder. “Okay, son. That’s it. Spill now or you and I are gonna dance, bad wing or no. I can’t fix what I don’t know is wrong. And I could have sworn when I told you to head on back to the Impala, you were hole-less. Back to the Impala, remember that? And instead you walk your sorry, concussed holey self in the fucking opposite direction to find Sam. Maybe we need to review chain of command. Maybe we need a sit down on why the hell you do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it.” Dad is still pretty quiet, but he is using the voice that means he has had it. And John Winchester has the patience and irritability of a hungry bear with a thorn in his paw. Even Sam pays attention to that voice. It is often the precursor to something that ends in Sam running laps or his shoulders aching with pushups. Once in while a good old fashioned what for. So yeah, Sam is listening. He figures Dean is too because he tilts his head in his father’s direction, meets his eyes directly. But he holds his gaze for just a moment, then drops his chin, eyes studying the pink and red streams that are drying on his chest.

Dean isn’t a coward. Sam knows that like the smell of gun oil. Dean will stick up for himself, sometimes, but more often than not he will stick up for Sam. Sam has seen Dean go after shit that would make other men quake. And while Dean may be a bit wary of John, he isn’t afraid of his father so Sam doesn’t quite get the look. The inability to hold John’s gaze. What could have Dean so worried that he won’t answer a direct question? Especially when it is phrased as an order. An order with the threat of physical discomfort if it is not heeded. Sam kind of smiles a bit, Dad would no more kick Dean’s ass while he is laying in a bed with a hole in his shoulder than he would take up belly dancing as a hobby. No, Dean is safe but the fact that Dad threatened was usually enough for either boy to realize the seriousness of the situation.

But Dad drops it for a moment. Either because he really doesn’t want a knock down drag out fight with his wounded son or maybe because he doesn’t want to lose the argument. Sam smiles a bit at that too; that Dad doesn’t lose well either.

Dad continues to irrigate the wound. Pushes the edges a bit. This time, Dean doesn’t open his mouth. He does not even flinch. Sam has a feeling that if Dad was to shove his finger down the hole, Dean would not so much as twitch. No, Dad has basically told Dean to shut the fuck up unless he is willing to talk and that order Dean seems to understand just fine, thank you very much.

Re: Part 6 - rei17 on April 24th, 2009 12:14 pm (UTC) (Expand)
saberivojosaberivojo on April 25th, 2009 09:30 am (UTC)
Part 7
Sam watches Dad as he continues to debride Dean’s wound. He hands Dean some penicillin and a Vicodin. Dean dry swallows without a comment. Dad ponders the hole some more, makes a decision.

“No sutures, Dean. I am afraid to close that up. Puncture wounds are a bitch. We’ll keep it clean, and bandage it. It is gonna be sore as hell and you need to restrict use of that arm.” Dad nods to Sam. “Gimme a hand here with this bandage.”

And Sam does, they quickly dress Dean’s wound. For two people who bang heads together on a routine basis, it occurs to Sam that he and Dad work pretty well together sometimes. That is scary thought. He doesn’t ever see he and Dad agreeing on much. Ever. Everything Dad does irritates Sam to such a degree that just being in the same room sometimes creates friction.

Dad grabs a sling from the kit, gently moves Dean’s arm into it. Sam watches as he contemplates the filthy flannel shirt going back on his son’s newly disinfected shoulder. Despite the bandage Dad opts to leave it off. Sam can’t blame him. The shirt is bloody and dirty. Sam would expect it was none to fresh when Dean threw it on this morning.

Dad touches Dean’s forehead in a way that parents have done since the dawn of time. It is brief but gentle and for a moment it looks like Dean almost leans into the touch. Sam shakes his head. It would figure a father/son Winchester moment would involve antibiotics and blood.

Dad stands, leans back into a stretch, Sam watches as he rolls his shoulders. For the first time since his father walked in, Sam is aware of the stiffness in his movements. How he is guarding his left side. What is it with his family? Sam shakes his head again and feels the anger start fresh.

“Sam. You need to watch your brother. I need to get back and finish up” Dad doesn’t say salt and burn, but Sam reckons that is what he will be doing. He figures that Dad doesn’t want to open up the hole and make Dean bleed anymore but he doesn’t say that either.


“Is it going to be a problem with your…”Dad waves vaguely in the direction he came “camping thing?”

That shocks the hell out of Sam, because lord knows Dad could care less about the camp and the fact that he even remembered that is where Sam was supposed to be is remarkable.

“Nah, tonight is Fire Rings and Ghost Stories, then a Snipe Hunt. They will never miss me.”

Dad literally stops in his tracks. “Did you say Snipe Hunt?” His father actually offers an honest laugh, then continues on,” I haven’t heard of that since I was in Boy Scouts.”

Shock number two. Dad was in Boy Scouts? The things you learn when you don’t expect it. Sam turns to see if this insight has made any impression on Dean, but the Vicodin has kicked in and he is snoring.

Dad nods at Dean. “Concussion watch, Sam. Follow protocol.”

“Yes, sir.”

And with that, Dad leaves. Sam listens to the familiar sound of the Impala.

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saberivojosaberivojo on April 26th, 2009 06:17 pm (UTC)
Part 8
Sam pulls the chair up snug to the bed. His brother so big, and brave and mouthy looks vulnerable, no shirt, arm in a sling, features slack with opiate induced sleep. Sam resists the urge to crawl up in bed next to him. He is not a little kid anymore and Sam is the one who needs to watch out for Dean tonight. Still, even with Dean sleeping and out of it, just sitting next to him makes Sam feel safer. Which is stupid. Dean has a bum arm and is high on Vicodin.

Sam figures that hole has to hurt like hell so he lets him sleep. But he might be concussed so an hour or so into the vigil, Sam rouses Dean.

“Dean.” Nothing

“Dean, wake up.” Nothing.


Dean jumps, bangs his head on the back of the shack. “What the hell are you yellin’ for?”

Dean reaches back to rub the newly bumped head, but it is nowhere near where the egg-sized lump so Sam figures it is alright.

“So Sleeping Beauty, how are ya feelin’”

“Shitty, Sam. I’m feelin’ shitty. Where’s Dad?”

“Finishin’ up.”

“By himself?”

Sam gives Dean the bitchiest face he can. “Of course by himself, Dean. You have a concussion and a hole in your arm. I’m pretty sure he’s got it.”

Dean tries to push himself off the bed, looks like he is ready to drop his feet on the floor and take off after Dad.

“Whoa, Tiger.” Sam pushes Dean back down on the bed, maybe using a little more force than necessary, but Sam has been on the receiving end of Dean’s strength and determination, so he doesn’t want to take a chance.

“Dad wants you to sit tight, he’ll be back soon enough.” Sam has a feeling if Dean could cross his arms he would, and it makes him laugh out loud to see Dean’s frustrated, angry face. But Dean never stays angry very long, and Dad wants him to stay - so anger turns to resignation, he winces as he adjusts his arm in the sling.

“D’ya want some Tylenol or something. Can’t have another of the big guns yet.”

Dean shakes his head. “M’Okay.”

“Sure you are.” Sam settles back in the chair, eyes his big brother with what he hopes looks like a stern look.

"So, are you gonna tell me what happened?”

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saberivojosaberivojo on April 26th, 2009 06:34 pm (UTC)
Part 9
Dean drops his head, then meets his little brother’s eyes.

“You can’t let him know, Sammy. If I tell ya, it is between you and me. I gotta know that you are gonna keep that yap of yours shut.”

“Dean, I’ve got your back, I won’t tell. Promise.” Sam feels like he needs some kind of addendum like “Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle, in my eye” bullshit because Dean really means this.

“Sam, I need your word, bro. No matter what’cha think about it or whatever.” Sam nods. Whatever it is, Dean’s secret is safe with him.

“I fucked up, Sammy. It was stupid and dumb.” Dean won’t look at Sam, his head is down and Sam swears there is a hitch in his voice.

“I was backing him up, Sam, just behind him, he knew where I was Sammy but I guess in the mix up, in the fight, he didn’t see. I shoulda been watching out, Sam.” Dean does look at Sam now, “You know how hot it can get, how fuckin’ crazy. Consecrated rounds flying and it was a fugly thing, Sam. I was too close. Far too close.” Dean’s breath hitched again, if Sam didn’t know any better he would swear Dean was crying. But Winchesters don’t cry.

Dean stops then. Runs the back of his hand under his nose.

“Dad didn’t mean to Sam, he never knew, never even realized he had nailed me. Knocked me straight into the iron fence.” Dean pauses, takes a breath, “I always figured those pointy things would hurt like hell if you impaled yourself on them.” Dean tries to lighten the story up. “Always figured it would be my balls slammin’ into them, not my shoulder. Guess I should feel lucky, huh?”

“He threw you into the fucking fence?” Sam can’t believe this. “What about all of his Marine bullshit….know where your man is. Pay attention, boy. A good soldier knows where his team is! Shit, Dean he has drilled that into us since we were old enough carry a fuckin’ gun and he can’t even be aware of where you are.”

“Sam.” Dean is quiet, soft. “He didn’t know. It was my job to back him up, my job to keep my distance. My job, Sam.” And Dean believes this. Sam tilts his head, furrows his brow. Of course, this is Dean’s fault.

“So what did you do, Dean? Just un-impale yourself from the iron fence?”

“Yeah, basically, except it hurt like a bitch and I wasn’t thinking too clearly, banged the hell out of my head a few minutes later. Just plain stupid, Sam.”

Sam stands, shoves back the chair in a wave of anger. “So this is Dad’s fault, Dean. Dad’s fault and you are not even going to let him know. Hell, call it a fuckin’ debrief or something, he needs to know, he needs to know he FUCKED UP.”

Dean is out of bed fast, far faster than he should be able to move. He fists Sam’s collar. Shakes him hard with the good arm.

“Don’t you tell’im, Sam. Do. Not. Tell. Him. This is my choice. My choice and you promised. I will kick your ass, I will knock you up one side and down the other if you so much as breathe a word to him.” Dean is growling low, a rumble that sounds so much like Dad that Sam almost does a double take.

Dean is in his face, flushed, a little high, but he means every word. Dean gives him another shake to punctuate the conversation. Sam’s eyes blaze back at Dean. Yeah, Dean could and probably will kill him if he says anything but Sam has already decided. He breathes a little harsh, maybe it has something to do with Dean’s fist and his proximity to his wind pipe. Maybe not.

“M’ not tellin’ Dean. I promised.”

And Dean relaxes, almost falls boneless at Sam’s feet. Sam grabs him and gently moves him back to the bed. Sam cradles Dean’s shoulders and neck, eases him back onto the filthy mattress.

Even though it makes Sam mad. Even though Dean is wrong, Sam is relieved to see the relaxation as his brother melts into the bed.

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saberivojosaberivojo on April 26th, 2009 06:34 pm (UTC)
Part 10
“Thanks, Sammy.” Dean barely whispers the words.

Sam nods, he isn’t happy with this at all but there’s not much he can do about it. He tries another tract to get it through to Dean’s concussed brain.

“Dude, he let it go tonight. But he isn’t going to let it go forever. He’s gonna wanna know. He is gonna expect an answer.”

“Let me worry about it. I’ll figure something out.”

“Jesus, Dean you’re gonna be doing PT ‘till your 30.”

Dean arches his brow. “Probably 40.” But he grins, pats his naked belly. “Abs of steel, bro, I can take it. It’s just gonna make perfection better.”

Sam shakes his head but offers a lopsided grin of his own. Only Dean would find a way to put a positive spin on the punishment he is bound to get out of this.

It makes Sam angry, angry that Dean’s gonna be in hot water for something Dad did. But more than that, Dad won’t know. Won’t be able to be held responsible. He can hear Dad’s mantra about consequences to your actions. Because lord knows, Sam and Dean have both heard that one before.

Sam sighs. Rakes his hand across his hair. Damn, Dean. Damn, Dad. Damn, this camping trip too.

Sam, leans back in the chair, watches as Dean tries to make himself comfortable on the shitty mattress. Dean is drifting off again, the boy might be able to drink a sailor under the table but Vicodin knocks him on his ass. Always has.

There is a moment of companionable silence. Yeah, his brother irritates Sam sometimes almost as much as his father. But it is okay. It has to be.

So he is missing a Snipe hunt and ghost stories. Not too far away there is camp full of kids, giggling at the terror of a scary story. Laughing about hunting Snipes. That is not his life, never has been. He briefly thinks he should be missing it. The fun and the silliness. Maybe he should; but there is no place he would rather be right now than watching out for Dean.

So he closes watches his brother. Waits for the morning or his father, whatever comes first.


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saberivojosaberivojo on May 2nd, 2009 11:47 pm (UTC)
Camp Sam part 11
Dad doesn’t buy Dean’s explanation. Dean tells him he fell, he lost his balance and fell on the fence. Dad knows he is lying. People don’t just fall with enough impact to drive a fence spear through their shoulders. Sam says nothing. He wrinkles his nose as if something smells bad, because it kind of does. But he doesn’t do anything else.

Dad glares at Dean, crosses his arms across his chest in the John Winchester version of pissed beyond belief. Then he turns his head and pins Sam with a look that usually would have him dropping his eyes. But Sam doesn’t move and Dean won’t budge. It turns out that together Sam and Dean are pretty formidable.

That fall Dean gains 10 pounds of muscle with all the extra PT Dad dumps on him. Not once does he back down, not once does he complain. Not about the early hours, the reps, the lack of fairness of it all. Dean does crunches, pushups and logs an enormous amount of miles. Nothing changes. And Sam can’t get Dean to spill to Dad and Dad won’t back down. Because he knows Dean is lying to him. Sam knows that John Winchester doesn’t really need proof of what happened in that graveyard but he wants it and Dean won’t give it.

It turns out the only thing more stubborn than a Winchester is another Winchester.

So late October, not quite Halloween, they head out together. Dad on point, Sam in the middle, Dean walking drag. Simple salt and burn, that’s what Dad says. Sam doesn’t care. He just wants it over. He has an AP Trig test I the morning and he is tired. His father doesn’t care about Trig tests and AP classes so all Sam’s bitching really does is serve to piss him off. Sam knows it. Still doesn’t care. They have gone over the plan several times. Dad likes to be prepared, likes to know that each boy knows what his job is. Sam has “yes,sirred” in the appropriate places. Has nodded his head in others. Sam watches the grave, Dad and Dean dig. Accelerant, fire, burn the damn thing then go home.

But something gets fucked up and in the heat of the fight. Sam forgets the plan. He just plain forgets where Dean should be. There is no real excuse for it except that Sam is fifteen and scared. Because this salt and burn has morphed into something a lot worse. Yeah, Dean is supposed to be digging but when everything goes bad, Dean is supposed to focus on Sam, protect Sam. That is a standing order. Has been for years. And Sam is scared and forgets when he shoots the sawed off at the crash ahead of him. Where he figures Dean should not be but he is wrong. He hears the yelp of Dean. “Shit, Sam. Watch what the fuck you are aiming at.” His brother’s voice comes from just inside the tree line.

Sam spins. The grave is both lacking his father and Dean. Dean is supposed to be digging, how in the hell did he get ahead of Sam in the forest. Then he remembers the alternative plan if the situation gets SNAFUd and really, that is the natural state of affairs as far as Sam is concerned. There is no reason for him not to remember where Dean is supposed to be. None at all.

There is a howl in the forest then the rapid fire of silver bullets hitting something meaty. Definitely not a spirit. And then it is quiet. All Sam hears is his own breathing harsh and deep. He listens but hears nothing else. A moment later his father steps out of the tree line followed by Dean. Even in the moonlight Sam can see the resolute expression on his father’s face. Dean looks fine, carries his shotgun easily in his arms.

saberivojosaberivojo on May 2nd, 2009 11:48 pm (UTC)
Camp Sam part 12
“Samuel, get your ass over hear now.”

Sam double times it to dad. The order is low and rough. Sam knows he is in deep shit now. No doubt.

“What the fuck were you aiming at, Sam? Can you tell me what the hell prompted you to shoot a loaded shot gun blind into those woods? You missed Dean by inches. What is the first rule about guns, Sam? Know what you are shooting at.” John rakes a hand across his hair, “You could have killed somebody. Jesus, Sam.”

Sam hangs his head, takes another deep breath. Fuck. How the hell did he miss where Dean was.

“M’Sorry Dad. I thought he was still diggin’ I thought he couldn’t have gotten into those woods so fast. I …I guess I wasn’t thinkin’”

“Exactly, Sam you were not thinking. Know where your man is for chrisake.”

“Dad I…”

“Not another word, Sam.”


“Sam, do not make me say it again.”

Sam shuts his mouth audibly. He does not want to piss his father off anymore than he has already has.

“I want your ass in the Impala. Now. Your brother and I will finish this up.”

Sam is not usually one to obey blindly but in this case he is happy to get out of Dodge, he trots off quickly in the direction of the Impala.

The drive home is silent. No radio. No words. Nothing. Sam thinks that he might cry but he refuses to do that so he just looks out the back seat passenger side window. There is nothing to see. Nothing to talk about but he expects there will be bunches when they make it back to the motel.

Dad drives the car right up to the room. Doesn’t even tell the boys what to do, he just heads into the motel room while the boys grab the duffels. There is a moment, while Dad is in the room and the boys are slinging duffels when Sam briefly looks at Dean. “Dean, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, turd, I got it.” Dean reaches out to briefly ruffle Sam’s hair, something that tends to irritate Sam usually but right now, it feels like he has been physically absolved from all of the stupidity that he has created tonight.

Dad barks from the motel room. “Boys!”

They turn together and Sam follows Dean into the room.

Sam is more than a little nervous when he walks in the room to see his father standing in the center of the room. Arms crossed, expression grim.

“Tonight was totally irresponsible, Sam. You need to realize there are consequences to your actions. The least of which is shooting your brother full of rock salt!”

Dad voice is not terribly loud but it packs a punch. Sam barely moves. Breathe in. Breathe out.

“Dad,” Dean’s voice is quiet. “It was just an accident, Sam’ll be more careful next time, wontcha, Sam?”

Dad turns on Dean, jabs an index finger into Dean’s chest. “You stop defending him. Sam knows what happened tonight was his fault. All because he didn’t follow directions. Didn’t pay attention to what was going on around him. Didn’t follow the plan. Know where your man is, Dean. That is Hunter 101.” Then he turns to Sam “You know better than this. I taught you better than this.”

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Camp Sam part 14
Sam steels himself for the barrage. He lets the duffle slide out of his hands an fall up against the bed. He looks at his father’s face, but finds that too difficult so he allows his eyes to drop to the carpet.

“What I oughta do is tan your hide right here and now, Sam.” Dad’s hand hovers near his belt. Sam doesn’t even make a protest. His father has never whacked him with a belt, not once in fifteen years, but he figures that almost killing his brother is a transgression that would demand the most severe punishment. He briefly wonders how hard it will be to run laps tomorrow with his butt smoking from the ass whippin’ he gets tonight.

“Dad.” Dean steps up toward his father. John turns to drive a glare into his nineteen year old.

“I told you to keep your yap shut, Dean. This is between your brother and me.”

Sam lifts his head to see Dean squares his shoulder. “No Dad, it is not between you and Sam. It is between you, Sam and me.”

Dad rounds on Dean, eyes burning at the insubordination. “Since when do you tell me who or what something is or isn’t” Dad is growling low, his voice deadly. But Dean doesn’t back down, doesn’t step back.

“Since the graveyard and Sam’s camp, Dad.” Dean’s voice is quiet but determined. Sam admires how sure his brother speaks, the lack of tremor in his voice. Maybe part of that is because he is shaking himself.

Dad narrows his eyes, and if he can get angrier looking he does. “Why son, is there something you wanna tell me about that night?” He steps closer to Dean. “Something you wanna share with your old man?” Dad’s voice is quieter than before.

For a moment Sam thinks Dean is gonna break. Because Sam would have long before now. But Dean doesn’t. There is no outward sign of rebellion or disobedience. Sam would have rolled his eyes or thrust out his chin defiantly, but Dean does none of those things. He just stills.

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m waiting, son.”

“I never told you the complete truth that night, Dad.”

For the first moment since the whole exchange started, Sam can see Dad offer a bit of a smile. It is a grim smile without a whole lot of appeal but Sam feels a little relieved to see the stony visage change just a bit.

“Go on.”

Dean meets his father’s eyes squarely. “That night, Dad, I didn’t fall into the fence. You…” Dean’s voice falters momentarily. “You knocked me into the fence. I was backing you up, where you told me to be and your just got busy or caught up in the hunt or whatever. And you shoved me into the fence, Dad. You weren’t watchin’ out, you didn’t know where your man was. So Dad, if you can make a mistake like that, then Sammy could make a mistake like that. Anybody could make a mistake like that, Dad. It could happen. “ Dean talks a little fast, rambles just a bit but Sam can’t blame him for that.

Sam stands as tall as he can next to his brother. He watches as his father looks hard at his brother. Assessing the information. Cataloging it away in his brain.

“So I am the reason you walked around with a hole in your shoulder for a month?” Dad almost sounds like he is talking to himself, but he is still addressing Dean, or at least Sam thinks so.

Dean obviously thinks so too. “Yes, sir.”

“And instead of coming clean that night, you let me go on thinking it was something you did. Some mistake you were not willing to admit to but the reality was, it was me.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You knew this too, I take it Sammy?”

“Yes, sir.”

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