December 28th, 2009

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Date 'verse 3: The Ex Files (PG-13)

Title: The Ex Files
Series: Date 'verse (wheelchair!Jensen)
Author: sinnerforhire
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Disclaimer: This is an AU. That means I made it all up.
Summary: Jared and Jensen run into Jared's ex. Both of them make bad decisions afterward.

It’s only been three days since he last saw Jensen but it feels more like three weeks.

Never Cry Submission

This was written for the Dean-focused hurt/comfort fic challenge over at hoodie_time.

Title: Never Cry Submission
Author: ratherastory
Rating: Uh... I dunno. It's violent, but not overly so. Don't let children under eight read it, okay?
Genre/pairing: Gen, no pairing
Word count: 5,874
Summary: From an anonymous prompt: Concussed Dean (with a twist!) Gen. Blink and you'll miss the plot. ;)
Spoilers: None, frankly. This is a generic hunt-the-baddie/Dean!whump thing.
Word Count: 5,874
Warnings: Violence (pretty typical of Show). Emetophobes will want to give this a miss.
Disclaimer: I was expecting a big Dean-sized box under the Christmas tree this year, but no dice. I got a sweater instead. Maybe next year.
Authorial Endless Undying Love: Many, many, MANY thanks to the lovely and talented hoodietime who graciously agreed to beta this monster, and who pointed out run-on sentences, malapropisms, and weird French syntax, all of which have served to make this a better story. Any remaining mistakes are mine alone, from tweaking it after she sent it back. Everyone cheer for her, she is awesome!

(Never Cry Submission)

This is it for now, I promise, no more cross-posting until I have something else written. I'm just clearing out my holiday back-log. :P