December 12th, 2009

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World On Fire, 4/10, PG-13, Sequel, Gen

Title: World On Fire
Rating: R overall, PG-13 this chapter
Chapter: 4/10
Prompt: #177 - Courage for tamingthemuse
Spoilers: Sequel to Line of Fire, for the series up to the end of season 3 to be safe.
Disclaimer: I own nothing says the little college writer.
Summary: Eight years after John and Azazel made their peace, the demon finds himself in a position of needing what he promised the hunter he'd never touch again: Sam.

Warnings (for this chapter): Language.

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In Chapter 3:

“You're such a nag,” Sam muttered, but he was still leaning against Dean, still trusting that his big brother wouldn't let him down. And god knew that both of their worlds were in a tailspin but right now, they just had to focus on smaller things. Like getting Sammy to eat something and pushing him to sleep.

“It's my job,” Dean said simply, guiding Sam back into the house. Eat, then sleep. Then planning.

Chapter 4: Mama I'm Coming Home For Help