December 6th, 2009


SPN FIC: The Gift (Part 6 of 7)

TITLE: The Gift: PART 6

AUTHOR: jackfan2
CHARACTERS: Dean, Sam, Castiel, OC's
WORDS: 3,179
GENRE: Humor/Hurt/Comfort
RATING: T, or PG13 for swearing
TIMELINE: Season 4
BETAS: mad_server & adrenalineshots

SUMMARY: Dean is whisked away for an urgent rescue mission, leaving Sam clamoring to find him. Between a dubious gift and a bat-shit horse, angelic blessings and hell's curses can sometimes be frighteningly similar, and all disastrous for Dean.

Completed fic. Last chapter will be up Wednesday*breaths sigh of relief*Collapse )
Sammy Angst

New Community!

Our concept is simple, let's take the example of one of the big bang comms and flip it. Instead of a writer pouring out 20,000 words of fic for an artist to interpret, let's give the artists the chance to inspire the author. For this first attempt, we will be limiting the fandoms to include Supernatural, Leverage and RPS from either show. Crossovers will be allowed, but only with these three shows.

Artist sign-ups are going on now! See pictures2words for more details and stay tuned for author sign-ups!

(Please feel free to spread the word elsewhere!)