November 29th, 2009

sleeping!jensen 2

Lost fic

Hey everyone !!

I have a request for any author interested. A while ago, when we did that gigantic h/c meme (, I posted this prompt :

Pairing : Jared/Jensen/JDM
Jensen gets a very bad news from his family and won't eat for days. Jared and JDM get worried and don't want Jensen to be sick on top of it all ;o)) (this threesome is awesome and we don't have enough of it in the fandom !).

Back then indigominstrels answered this prompt with a lovely one shot. But unfortunatly her fic is not available anymore... Don't know why, I tried to contact the author but never got an anwser.

I know other people like me regret that this fic is not available anymore, so my request would be : Is anyone is interested in writing that fic again ? I mean write a new fic out of this prompt...

That would make my day ;o)))

Well that's just a request if no one feels like writing it, that's fine...