November 27th, 2009

Reality Check (Part 5 of ?)

Title: Reality Check
Author: nong_pradu
Rating: R (for language, violence, and occasional bits of nekkid Dean)
Disclaimer: Not for profit; nothing's mine. Don't own any of it.
Pairing: Sam/Jess, brief mentions of Dean/OFC(s)

Summary: After a bad hunt, Dean wakes up to find that nothing is as it should be. Rubber rooms and padded walls, with no hope of escape, unless he can convince Sam that he's not crazy.

Story Notes: This is set during season 1, some time after "Faith" but before "Shadow." No spoilers for the present seasons. We've got hurt/comfort, drugs, pain, and Dean in a straight jacket. All of you Dean!whump lovers -- it is ON!

Chapter 5
alastair dean


Author: tifaching
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Written for the Sam/Dean drabbleathon prompt: Sam/Dean or Sam and Dean tears. Of the two of them Sam's always been the crier. But Dean has his moments.
Warnings: Wincest, non-explicit, but implied.
This is one of 4 short fics, but is the only one to qualify as h/c. Scroll down to Catharsis, or if you're also in the mood for humor and angst, read all four.