November 21st, 2009

Sleepy wolf

Fic: Lost

Title: Lost
Author: Huggle
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel
Spoilers: If you've seen towards the end of S4 you should be ok.
Rating: Teen? - it's a gen fic but there is violence.
Disclaimer: SPN and it's characters don't belong to me and no profit is being made from this fic.
Words: circa 2800

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spn brothers s4 nebula background

World On Fire, Prologue and 1/10, R, Gen, Sequel to Line of Fire

Title: World On Fire
Author: Authoressnebula
Rating: R overall
Chapter: Prologue and 1/10
Spoilers: Sequel to Line of Fire, for the series up to the end of season 3 to be safe.
Disclaimer: I own nothing says the little college writer.
Summary: Eight years after John and Azazel made their peace, the demon finds himself in a position of needing what he promised the hunter he'd never touch again: Sam.

Warnings (for these chapters): Language, some possible graphic imagery.
A/N: For all warnings, please see the Prologue. Story starts time-wise at the beginning of season 1.

Prologue here

Chapter 1: Back to Square One