November 2nd, 2009


Basket Case 5+Epilogue/5+ COMPLETE

Title: Basket Case 5+Epilogue/5+ - COMPLETE

Author: insane_songbird

Pairing: J2

Rating: NC17

Words: 4,000 + 500 Epilogue

Disclaimer: Don’t own, don’t know, don’t earn. I also don't play basketball and am no shrink.

Warnings: sports, language, schmoop, m/m smut (I can’t believe I really wrote that!), reference to mental illness, NO SPOILERS

Summary: Jared has a bad break-up and decides that a new start is in order. But moving to another state is hard and finding new friends is not easy. When a colleague invites him to join their after work basketball sessions, he jumps on the opportunity. When he meets handsome, shy Jensen, he wants to jump more than that. There’s only one problem: the guy is kinda crazy.

The Eye

Wearing and Tearing, Part 2 A and B/?, PG-13, Dean, John, GEN

Title: Wearing and Tearing
Author: gaelicspirit
Genre: GEN
Characters: Dean, John
Rating: PG-13 for language and mature themes
Spoilers: None. Pre-series
Summary: With Sam at school, John and Dean must find a way to connect and survive. When John is hurt on a hunt, Dean is forced to pick up the pieces. However, when ghosts threaten to take Dean down, it's up to his father to keep him from fading.
Disclaimer: They're not mine. More's the pity. Story title from Led Zeppelin song of the same name.

A/N: Those of you who’ve read my stories before know that I stake no claim in the medical community. However, that said, I have been a patient, and I have been a care-taker, and I have done online research on the mess I’ve gotten these two into. I hope you can allow for some leniency in healing for the sake of the story. Oh, and Brinnon, WA, is a real place; I’ve taken liberties with its economic situation and layout. I think that’s it. For now.


Wearing and Tearing, Part 2A )