November 1st, 2009

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AUTHOR: bangafewgongs
BETA'D: By no one. I didn't have time to seek one out.
FOR: A prompt by brianshanelvr on the hurt/comfort meme.
PAIRING: Dean, Sam, and Bobby.
SUMMARY: An angry Bobby takes out a bit of his wheel chair frustrations out on Sam. Dean reprimands him and goes to talk to his brother.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own Sam, Dean, or Bobby. This is just for fictional creative purposes and I'm not responsible for anything released under the trademark.

( but the old man always preached that family was family; good or bad. He thought that it would all blow over.)
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Title: Lodestone
Author: kamelion
Fandom: Supernatural/real person fic
Rating: PG13, teen, whatever passes these days. Language, some violence.
Characters: Jensen, Jared, Misha, OFC, OMC
Word count: 77,569. Yes, it's a novel-ish thing. Complete.
Summary: Jensen isn't himself. His erratic behavior leads him and his friends to a new ally, a new country, and the realization that the supernatural isn't just fiction.

Chapters follow in order, just hit "next entry" at the top of each page to continue the story. And please review! Thank you!