October 24th, 2009

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Hearing Is Believing, PG, 1/1, RaBB!verse, Pre-Series Gen

So the hurt!John and hurt!Dean here are more on the emotional level than the physical, but it still fits. And I love posting to this comm. ^_^

Title: Hearing Is Believing
Author: Authoressnebula
Rating: PG for a little language
Chapter: 1 of 1
Verse: Raising a Big Brother
Prompt: #170 - I Walk Through the Valley... for tamingthemuse
Spoilers: Um, for the first season? Otherwise than that, none.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Dean's 5, Sam's 1. Dean's still not talking, and John's losing faith all over, until he hears something he didn't expect to hear. Serious John/Mary being mentioned in here.

Warnings: angst, schmoop, Latin, and two author's notes, because apparently the author is very passionate about this. 'Pologies in advance.

Even after six months, he still couldn't believe he was looking at the English Bible and then the Latin version, comparing and learning for exorcisms.