September 29th, 2009

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Of Motels, Morphine & Rock n Roll Crack!fic

Title: Of Morphine, Motels & Rock n Roll
Pairing: Dean|Sam
Rated: PG
Genre: Crack!fic, Gen-(mentions of slash ideas stated jokingly)
W/C: 1,020
Written for: hoodie_time spn_30snapshots
spn_30snapshots-Pictures: #17 Motel Sign
sickdean-Comment!fic alocine_89 wanted a injured!Dean high on meds, helpful!Sam, with Dean being adorably..Dean.

Setup/Summary: Dean in a full arm cast. He has broken his arm in 3 different places and the cast goes up to his shoulder so his arm is out and in a constant L position. He’s higher than a kite on Morphine after flirting with a cute little nurse who added just a dash extra painkiller to the syringe. This takes place after leaving the hospital A.M.A. and when the brothers arrive at a motel. Dean is apparently stuck in ‘song’ mode.