September 26th, 2009

  • hils

Tag-Meme for episode 5.03

With permission from rei17 I'm going to be taking over the running of the weekly episode-related comment fic meme.

If you missed the first one check out the rules below. It's fairly self-explanatory but PM me if you have any questions

The rules:

01. Comment to this post with your prompt and desired pairing(s)/ characters. Be as specific or unspecific as you like.
02. This is an episode-related-meme, so your prompt should at least have remotely something to do with this weeks episode 5.03.
03. This is a h/c-commmunity so there should be a little bit h/c somewhere in your prompt.
04. Post as many prompts as you like - but one prompt per comment only, please!
05. If you find a prompt that strikes your fancy, jump in and write some comment fic for the prompt poster
06. More than one comment fic response to a prompt is absolutely acceptable.
07. No character bashing in the prompts. The fandom is stuffed full with blame right now - it's all Dean's fault, it's all Sam's fault, it's all Castiels fault - yadda yadda. I want this to be a fun meme. Spread the love, spare me the wank. Kay? =)

Completed fics:
sylvanelfqueen: [Sam tries to kill himself, multiple times, but Lucifer keeps bringing him back to life. "Mystery Spot", only darker.]
deangirl1: [After seeing what became of Raphael's vessel in the hospital, Dean dwells on what would happen to him if he invited Michael in.]
a_starfish: [Sam, Dean: One of the boys has a nightmare (maybe about the other dying or being in danger) and is so distressed when he wakes up that he calls the other in the middle of the night, just to make sure he's all right. ] [Part 2]
adrenalineshots: [Obviously Dean and Castiel talked about "personal space" a few times already. ;) I'd love to read those situations and talks!"] [Part 2] [Part 3]
Black Sails | Anne Bonny

Fic: The End Is All I Can See - Chapter Two [Dean/Cas]

Title: The End Is All I Can See - Chapter Two
Pairing: Dean/ Castiel
Characters: Castiel/ Jimmy Novac, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Alastair/ Xaphan of the Great Fires
Summary: Dean gets kidnapped by an old/ new enemy and Castiel? Well, he’s there to save him.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1’803
Disclaimer: Hurt/ Comfort/ Angst
A/N: [[Spoilers up to 502]]
Other Chapters: [Chapter One]

[Chapter Two: I’ll be there for you through it all, even if saving you sends me to heaven.
spn brothers ahbl end 'i got you'

Giving Up (Is Hard To Do), 1/1, R, Gen, POST 5x03

Title: Giving Up (Is Hard To Do)
Rating: R for imagery and themes
Chapter: 1 of 1
Prompt: #166 - Albatross Around Your Neck for tamingthemuse
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Characters from Kripke, title from One eskimO's song.
Summary: There's nothing left for Sam to do but this. Despite the parting, he still calls. And despite the parting, Dean still races to get to him.
Wordcount: 5,522
Warnings: Attempted suicide(s). Not a death-fic. Angsty McAngst. Also, religious references. Not imposing ideas, just keeping with a few ideas from the show.

Just when he'd thought he couldn't get any lower, Sam found out that his idea of rock bottom had been a lofty height.