September 21st, 2009


Fic Dump, 4 Comment Fics Leverage and SPN

So i have waaay too much free time, and thus, wasaay too much fun playing in comment mems and at comment_fic

So here are a few of the things Ii wrote in the past two weeks, some of them from Leverage

NOTE TO SPN FANS... If you don't watch leverage, you should. It's short, (9-12 episodes a season) It's generally on when SPN isn't. The Fandom crossover is insane what with Crhis Kane and Aldis Hodge starring in Leverage, oh and little bit plyaers showing up everywhere. plus it's awesome in it's own right, if by awesome you mean that the crack is dried and pressed and used for script pages and the cameras probably double as crack pipes, it's just that much fun.

/leverage pimp.


What Friends Do
Fandom: Leverage
Wordcount : 900 +/-
Prompt: Leverage, Parker/Eliot, Parker's neediness since Sophie's been gone is annoying the hell out of Eliot...until suddenly it doesn't

All I wanted was a white night, with a good heart, soft touch, fast horse
Word Count: 140 +/-
A/N: Written for [info]comment_fic Country Song Theme
Prompt: Leverage, Parker/Eliot, This Kiss

The Civil War Job
Word Count: 180 +/-
A/N: Written for [info]comment_fic Cross Dressing Theme
Prompt: Leverage, Parker/any, Parker Shouldn't Dress Like The General, It Goes To Her Head.


Sumpin' Sweet
Word Count: Double Drabble 200
Summary Written for [info]hils's Schmoop meme

Prompt: Wee Dean is Sick, Sammy does something nice for him.

This is where I draw the line
Word Count: 190+/-
Summary Written for [info]hils's Schmoop meme

Prompt: Dean draws on Sam's back with his finger, bonus points if he runs his hand through Sam's hair.