September 3rd, 2009

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Wayfaring Strangers

Title: Wayfaring Strangers
Authors: zubeneschamali, maychorian, adrenalineshots, calamitycrow, and mlebayre
Betareader: jackfan2
Genre: General, Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Sam, Dean, OFC
Timeline: Set between "What Is and What Should Never Be" and "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1"
Rating: R
Warnings: Language
Word Count: ~10,000
Disclaimer: We have life-sized cardboard replicas of them...does that count? The originals are owned by Kripke & Co.
Summary: Some strangers we meet by coincidence; some strangers we meet because it's fate. When a simple hunt goes sideways, the hospital is the last place that Sam and Dean would've thought to cause such an impact in their lives. Everything is about to change...

Wayfaring Strangers

Just This Side of Hell, 8/16, R, Sam/Dean (sort of)

Title: Just This Side Of Hell 8/16
Author: epicallytired
Rating: R
Pairing: Sam, Dean
Warnings: You know, there’s hell and stuff, thus Major Dean!Whumpage and Sam Emotional!Whumpage. Fun for the whole family.
Word Count: 2900+/-

Summary: Sam rescues Dean from hell, which has repercussions. (surprise!) Things get tricky because they're Winchesters, so there's guilt and pain and of course physical trauma because, you know, hell. Come along for the ride, might be fun... oh, and Bobby, there's a whole bunch of Bobby, which is right up there with pie.

A/N: This fic is complete in 16 chapters. They will be posted Mon-Thurs

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Save me I will rescue you MASTERPOST, 8/8 [R] J2, RPS AU

Fic Title: Save me, I will rescue you
Author Name: trinipedia
Artist Name: burned_phoenix - (ART MASTERPOST)
Beta: blueeyedliz
Genre: AU Slash
Pairing: J2
Rating: R for language and hinted stuff
Word Count: ~ 19k
Disclaimer: Not mine in any way, shape or form. Based on A LOT of things, you'll find the complete disclaimers HERE.

Who said you only get one shot at true love?

Prompt 33. Dangerous Lover
No sooner had Selene Brand cast her love spell than dark, handsome—and freshly stabbed—Cory Forrester fell at her feet. She felt as destined to save this stranger as she was to love him, even if it meant exposing her secret life as a witch. But the injured amnesiac didn't even know his own name, whether Selene was the cause of his injured state—or his salvation.
Cory knew only that his attraction to Selene was as unworldly as her unusual pagan rituals…and that with killers now after both of them, they might be dead before nightfall…


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Withdrawals [PG13+] Sam and Dean

Title: Withdrawals
Author: starrylizard
Fandom: Supenatural
Warnings/genre: PG13+ for swearing, Gen, H/C, 893 words, comment fic
Notes: Post-S4, but no spoilers for S5 as I am spoiler-free and want to stay that way. Beta read by rinkle.
Summary: Coming off demon-blood wasn’t like any other addiction. Why should it be? It was sent from Hell itself. Predictability would have made things far too easy.

Sam didn’t know how they’d managed to get away. The last thing he remembered was the feeling of guilt and dread, blinding light and Dean…