August 24th, 2009

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The Green Mile 2/3, [PG-13], Dean, Sam, Gen

Title: The Green Mile 2/3
naughty language, spoilers for season three
Dean , Sam
Ha, Me? Own the Winchesters? Only in my dreams *wink*
Set after ‘Jus in Bello’ season three. Dean’s deal is hanging over him like a freshly sharpened guillotine. Sam and Bobby they are doing the best they can to find a way out. But life still goes on, and Bobby sends the boys to Ohio to look into a haunted farmhouse. Things don’t go according to plan.

[chapter 1] [chapter 2]

Just This Side of Hell, 1/16

Title: Just This Side Of Hell 1/16
Author: epicallytired
Rating: R
Warnings: You know, there’s hell and stuff, thus Major Dean!Whumpage and Sam Emotional!Whumpage. Fun for the whole family.
Word Count: 2500+/-

Summary Sam rescues Dean from hell, which has repercussions, (surprise!). Things get tricky because they're Winchesters, so there's guilt and pain and of course physical trauma because, you know, hell. Come along for the ride, might be fun... oh, and Bobby, there's a whole bunch of Bobby, which is right up there with pie.

A/N: This fic is complete in 16 shortish, (2500-3500 word) chapters. They will be posted Mon-Thurs
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Thanks to: passing_through, without you, I'm just one run on sentence.

Banner and Icon by: brianslave68 Who makes me want to write the kind of fic her banners deserve. Darlin, you make me want to type better and capitalize the letter I.

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It’s a spell, just a fucking spell. He’s short two items, and he can hear Dean’s voice behind him when he pulls the fingernail out of the corpse of a dead child in the Bloomington morgue. Dean’s not happy with Sam fucking with dead bodies like that. Sam tells the Dean in his head to shut up, and then promises that he’s on his way.
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The Hells I've Been Through - Sam, Dean PG-13

This was written for the summer_sam_love challenge.

Title: The Hells I've Been Through
Author: lissa, lissa_ann
Recipient: obuletfury
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Nothing really offensive, just some language.
Prompt: AU of 'When the Levee Breaks' where Sam doesn't get out of the room, and goes into full detox mode. Siezures, hallucinations and limp = bonus points!!!
Summary: See prompt. AU of 4x21 (spoilers!). 95% of this is original, but I had to keep the Dean hallucination for story purposes.
Disclaimer: Sam and Dean are made up, right? Then so is this story. I own nothing of the Winchesters nor Supernatural. Kripke owns all, including my heart.
A/N: I have a little experience from a former job of what DTs are like. I tried to write them half TV medicine and half real medicine.

I really hope you like this, obuletufury.

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