August 13th, 2009

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Title: Bruises
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC17 For swearing and boy on boy action in a shower.
Words: 5040. Really, somebody should stop me!
Summary:  Jared, takes care of Jensen after a bruising day on set, and Jensen does the same for Jared. So A little H/C, depending on how you define comfort.
Disclaimer:  They are not mine, if they were, you really think I’d let Jensen out of my sight? Also this does not reflect their lives in any way no matter how much we wish it were different.
Warnings: Some Spoilers for 4:21 and schmoop!
A/N: Another first, for me! an attempt at a sex scene.  Many thanks goes to [info]realscape , who provided the most wonderful beta work.   Who when faced with someone who interchanges past and present tense, more often than The Doctor on a sugar rush, barely flinched, and has made this a much better story, than you very much!

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Locked Away Part 17/?

Title: Locked Away 17/?
Authors: igorsmaster and underdog_14
Pairing/Characters: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, other characters may be added later.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: None of this is real. Just our wacky imaginations running wild... together. It's scary, really.
Summary: Jared and Jensen become trapped in a mountain cabin. This is their story of angst, smex and hopefully... eventually... true love.
Warnings: See special note ON MAIN POST FOR SPECIAL WARNING!

Beta by the awesome shattershockred , the lovely salsa_babe and the ever amazing ticklemepanic ! All found mistakes are otherwise ours.
Note: This is going to be a long fic. We've written 12 15 17 20 22 parts so far and it is still going strong. Woot!

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Part Seventeen here

The Killing Moon

Rating R
Dean, Sam, Bobby, Kathleen Hudak, Missy Bender, Lee Bender
Bad language
S1, The Benders
A promise to a friend takes Dean Winchester back to the woods to confront his worst nightmare... Sequel to The Woods are Lonely, Dark and Deep

Chapter 5: Comfortably Numb

His shoulder aches dully when he wakes and he can vaguely remember why: the agonizing pulling sensation and sharp pain as he was swung into a brick wall. The fact his arm is bound to his chest tells him it’s been popped back in. He’s lying on a soft surface too. Motel room. Bed. Safe.

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