August 10th, 2009


(fic) Hands Of An Angry God

Title: Hands Of An Angry God
Genre: Slash, Wincest, established relationship
Timeline: S4 (no spoilers for S5)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic sexual content, mentions of violence/Hell, light bondage, dubcon
Summary: Sam tries something new. Dean doesn't like it.
Author's Notes: Written for the spn_kinkmeme, originally posted here.

"It's even more twisted that that focus is an even bigger high than the orgasms that Sam wrings out from his body and yeah, it's probably a bit fucked up as well that the only time Dean feels like he's got Sam's full attention is when Sam's cock is up his ass, but it's not like life has ever been easy."
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[Fic] To His Grim Idol (1/1)

Title: To His Grim Idol
Genre: Hurt/comfort (entirely the aftermath) with protective!hurt!Sam and bitchy!hurt!Dean, extra emphasis on the hurt!Dean. Set roughly in S2.
Pairings or Characters: Dean and Sam, Sam's POV, gen
Length: 4750 words, complete
Warnings: Salty language, semi-graphic description of the effects of torture, mention of possible unconfirmed offscreen non-con
Summary: Following a week of captivity in the hands of a 3,000 year old cult, Sam and Dean manage to get to a motel room. Sam tries to patch his brother up, much to Dean's extreme displeasure.
Author's notes: A thousand thank yous to my betas! traciaknows, lapillus, and particularly muffaletta, who was awesome enough to go through line by line to let me know what worked, what didn't, and what desperately needed to be changed. You guys rock! Originally posted here in response to a prompt on the spnkink_meme community but the story itself is very much gen.

(("I swear to God, Sam, if you don't get your hand the fuck off me, I will end you."))
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The Many Faces of Fear 1/1 [PG-13], Sam, Dean & John

Title: The Many Faces of Fear
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Is hurt!Sam a warning when most of us crave it? Minor spoilers for “A Very Supernatural Christmas” 3x08.
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of these characters but I certainty wish I did.
Words: 8,832
A/N: Written for angelfirespirit over at the summer_sam_love fic exchange. Thanks a bunch to my awesome friend and beta gidgetgal9. Also, a HUGE thanks to kiscinca for creating the absolutely wonderful art. I'm so thrilled to have her talent displayed with my story.
Summary: Sam’s well trained, strong and brave, but he’s most definitely afraid of clowns. A shapeshifter with a love for clowns almost had Sam once, but John and Dean ruin its plans. Could the second time be the charm? Sam 9 Dean 13.

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New community promotion!

Hey guys, I’ve started a new comm that I feel like some of you might be interested in:

Yeah, I’m graphically challenged, so I don’t have any shiny graphics to entice you, but you should come check us out ANYWAY. We’re a community for anyone who needs more sick!Dean in their life. (I know I do!) All genres and pairings are accepted and everyone is welcome. Sounds good, y/y?
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Curtain Call 4/~8

Title: Curtain Call 4/~8

Author: insane_songbird

Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Jensen/Tom (yeah, I know, it’ll pass though),

Rating: R (might change, not sure)

Words: ~4.400

Warnings: singing and dancing, language, blood

Disclaimer: Everyone is their own person. It’s all a lie. Any play or musical mentioned belongs to it's creator(s) and their contract holders but most definitely not me. Earning money with it? Don’t make me laugh!
Summary: Jensen has worked as an actor and dancer for the same musical company for a few years already. As young dancer Jared is hired, Jensen takes him under his wing and encourages him to want more than just holding a spear. But when the next shows roll around, Jensen is hit by fate and Jared takes over his part. Wary and resentful Jensen starts the new season. But everything is put to the test, as the two of them need to work together to see the new play kick off.

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( Green eyes snapped up to him, obviously surprised at the sudden presence. “Jared, hi…” )