August 3rd, 2009

spn angel sepia

fic: 'Brothels With Bricks Of Religion' Lucifer!Sam/Castiel, NC17

TITLE: Brothels With Bricks Of Religion
PAIRING: Lucifer!Sam/Castiel
WARNING: non-con
GENRE: Hurt/Comfort. Um. Without the comfort.
DISCLAIMER: Shockingly, I do not own Lucifer, Castiel, any other angels or demons, or, alas, any delectable Winchesters. I fear that this state of affairs will continue indefinitely.
SUMMARY: Written for the Kink_meme for the following prompt: “Castiel makes a deal with Lucifer to save Dean from death. God I would adore you if it was Sam!Lucifer and Dean was forced to watch as Castiel loses his virginity riding the devil. Guh!”