July 28th, 2009

Sam and Dean cloudy sky

Off the Map, Dean, Sam, Gen, PG

Title: Off The Map
Author: debbiel
Characters: Dean, Sam
Spoilers: S4 spoilers all the way through 4X22; AU Season 5, soon to be Kripked.
Rating: pg, gen
Warning: language
Word Count: 10,240
Disclaimer: not mine, not at all
A/N: I cannot thank callistosh65 enough for the beta read and for her brilliant suggestions, which made this a much better story than it would have been otherwise.

Summary: Injured and on the run, Sam and Dean stumble onto a town that is nothing like anything they've ever encountered.

Sam is tired. He’s weary to the bone, and this kind of death would make a lot of people happy. Give the hunting world something to talk about for years to come – the delicious irony of the potential anti-Christ being taken out by a fifty-year-old possessed lady wearing a bracelet with poodle charms.