July 18th, 2009

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Fic: 300 Seconds On The 13th Floor

Title: 300 Seconds On The 13th Floor
Author: Loki
Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Category: Au, angst, fluff
Word Count: ~15 000
Spoilers: none
Summary: You live in the reality. What if there's another world? When you meet someone different, whose world is more real than yours, which world would you choose?
Notes/Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Those two aren't mine. The story though is.

part one | part two | soundtrack
SPN: This is my life.

One Shot: A Done Deal

Title: A Done Deal
Pairings: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17: Sexual Content, Language, and (of course) Incest.
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Smut.
Word Count: 2,243
Spoilers: Up to All Hell Breaks Loose Parts 1 &2
Summary: Dean mourns his brother’s death and decides to make his deal.
Notes/Warnings: Xposted to infatuated_ink, tamingthemuse, spn_hurtcomfort, and wincest. Sorry if you've seen it a million times!

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Fever Fears, 2/2, PG-13, Gen, Post 4x04

Hey, life. *taps* Yeah, you. Let up so I can write and post and do things I need to, m'kay?

Title: Fever Fears
Rating: PG-13
Chapter: 2 of 2
Prompt: #156 - Sorrow for tamingthemuse
Spoilers: Post 4x04
Disclaimer: I own nothing: Kripke's only letting me play.
Summary: A fever leaves Sam caught in the fears after the events with the rugaru. And the fever leaves Dean frantic about his brother's health.

Part One here

Part One:

He grabbed the forehead cloth as Sam continued to tremble and shake, then frowned at how warm it was already. He dropped the cloth in the coffee pot beside him, their makeshift bowl for cold water, and reached for the thermometer again. A few moments later the number came back, leaving Dean staring in growing alarm. It hadn't come down: it had gone up. Probably taken longer to do so, with all the cold cloths.

The thermometer was dropped and Dean was shooting out of the chair, grabbing the ice bucket as he ran out the door for the ice machine.

The light posts along the highway were melting, twisting, changing colors, and the road was warped. Dangerous road, brother.

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