July 4th, 2009

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Sequel to Sorry To Burn So Unexpectedly - Say Yes 1/?

Title: Say Yes 1/?
Author: deluweil 
Pairing: Chris/Jensen/Steve (eventually)
Rated: R going on NC-17

Summery: Jensen has second thoughts, but he didn't say anything to anyone, lucky for him his best friends know him better than he knows himself.
Disclaimer: These three are real people and although I really wish they were mine, they're not. So basically everything written here is not true.

Author's note: 1. This is a sequel to
Sorry To Burn So Unexpectedly, it's not required but would  make much more sense if you read it first.
2. I want to thank my awesome beta mijmeraar 
who did an incredible job this time too, Thank you so much sweetie love you!!! *hugs*

Chapter One
spn brothers s4 nebula background

The Definition of Fine, 1/1, PG-13, Gen

This one's for devon99, one of the extra plot bunnies she gave me for Sweet Charity that I didn't have to write but wanted to. She requested Sam and Dean post Skin in season 1, Sam dealing with his fear of Dean, Dean dealing with his guilt. I couldn't resist.

Title: The Definition of Fine
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: #154 - Polysemy for tamingthemuse
Chapter: 1 of 1
Disclaimer: I got nothing, man.
Summary: Written for the lovely devon99, post S1's Skin: Dean's guilty. Obviously, though he really doesn't need to be, because it wasn't him, and Sam's fine. Really.

Sure, he had some throat issues.

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