June 29th, 2009

Fic: Shadows Taller Than Our Soul - (Warning - Miscarraige, abortion)

Title: Shadows Taller Than Our Soul
Pairing/Characters: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: this story is about abortion. Also contains slash, incest
Disclaimer: These Characters do not belong to me. The show and its Characters belong to someone else. The plot of the story is however, mine
There is a pain that he can only begin to release though the writing of one simple letter. Even that letter may not be enough

Shadows Taller Than Our Soul )

Fic: Fell On Black Days (Warnings- Miscarraige)

Title: Fell On Black Days
Author: [info]claudia_lexan
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 4,519 (The word count for chapters one and Two together)
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Thank you to my beta Mago186.
Notes:  Click here to listen to Fell On Black Days'
Notes: Written to help me get over my writers block
Disclaimer: These are not characters of my own creation
Summary: When Sam finds a letter in a hidden compartment in Dean's bag, he finds out the terrible tragedy that Dean's has kept a secret for years

Fell On Black Days )

The Woods are Lonely, Dark and Deep

Rating R
Dean, Sam, Bobby, Kathleen Hudak, Missy Bender, Lee Bender
Bad language
S1, The Benders
Missy Bender was three things. She was obsessive. She was insane. And she was in love – with a tall, beautiful stranger who looked real purty when he was hurting. But unfortunately for Dean Winchester, one thing she wasn’t was still locked in the closet…

Chapter 1: And They Call It Puppy Love


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Jensen/Jared - The Past Never Stays There - chapter 13a&b/14

Title : The Past Never Stays There - Chapter 13a/14

Author : angels3  aka Angela

Rating : NC17 to be safe

Beta : munimula - who is the best beta ever and any mistakes left are so mine, and there will probably be a plenty as I had to rework some things after she sent it back to me.  I hope I got all the mistakes as I had to do this twice.  Don't ask you don't want to know

Word Count :   5374 this part - total 10,730

Pairing : Jensen/Jared 

Supporting Characters : Eric, Kim, Sera, Mike, Tom, Chris, Steve, Chad,  Kylan  (who is a figmant of my imagination
Disclaimers : They don't belong to me because if they did.............................

Warnings : RPS   M/M sex , not this chapter though. 

Summary : This is the sequel to When Things Come Crashing Down.  It starts immediately where that story  left off.

You know that person that Chris never had the name for?  Well he may soon get it.  Jensen and Jared have to deal with someone from Jensen's past.