June 17th, 2009

Bean Stalker- Chapter 3

Rating: R
Paring: No pairings
Characters: Dean, Sam, OFC
Genre: Angst, drama
Warnings: Bad language
Spoilers: Season 4
Timeline: Set in and after 4.18
Status: WIP
Disclaimer: I asked Santa last Christmas, but he said I was too naughty and couldn't have them, so, Kripke and the CW still owe them
Summary: Chuck’s books mustered a good number of fans. One of them turned out to be the wrong kind of fan. When an obsessed woman finds out that Sam and Dean are real, the consequences for one of them are anything but nice. ‘Misery’ style.

Chapter 3
Z. Sam-Clouds.

When The End Came. 4/4. NC-17. Sam/Dean. Castiel/Dean.

Title: When The End Came. 4/4 (Complete)
Author: zenamydog
Rating: NC-17.
Characters /Pairing: Sam/Dean, Castiel/Dean.
Warnings: Won’t make sense unless you’ve seen or know about season four. Therefore there are obviously spoilers! I should probably warn for death fic, although this is predominantly Sam/Dean. *winks*
Beta: violet_eyes Thank you my darling for taking this on. *hugs you tight.*
Disclaimer: Man, if I owned these boys… It would happen just like I write it.
AN: As much as I am now totally in love with Misha… It’s the only way I could write Dean/Castiel. *blushes*
Summary: When the demon blood took his brother for the second time, Dean’s world comes to an end… again. With no deals to be made, can Castiel convince Dean to go on without Sam?

Chapter One. Chapter Two. Chapter Three.

How? How could he be the one to extinguish his brother’s light forever?