June 13th, 2009

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The Mouths of Children (11/?)

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: The Mouths of Children
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Dean, Castiel, Sam, Ruby
Category: Gen, Humor, Crack, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: PG13/T (language)
Spoilers: Through 4.10
Summary: "We still have work for you to do, Dean Winchester," Castiel said solemnly, doing his utmost not to sigh. "This is bullshit," Dean declared in his shockingly high, clear voice. "I want ice cream."
Word Count: 1773
Disclaimer: Pretty sure they’re not mine.
Author’s Note: Semi-sequel to Entertaining Angels, original flavor, but stands alone. Still not answering comments cuz of tendinitis (< chuck>writing this was HARD</chuck>), but I ♥ you all so very, very much.

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Part 11
spn sam smile 4x09

Some Peace of Mind, 1/2, PG-13, Gen

Title: Some Peace of Mind
Author: Authoressnebula
Characters: Sam, Dean
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: #151 - Higgledy-Piggledy for tamingthemuse
Chapter: 1/2
Spoilers: Up through Hunted from Season 2.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Written for devon99 as an extra Sweet Charity fic: Sam falls ill after a hunt in a marsh. Sick enough that Dean decides serious downtime is needed, not just two days rest in a motel room.

Warnings: sick!Sammy, bigbrother-motherhen!Dean, schmoop, wee bit of angst (yeah, I know, y'all are shocked. Shush up.)

A/N: Title snagged from the lyrics to Boston's "Peace of Mind".

It was almost lunch when Dean pulled the car off the road.

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