June 6th, 2009

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Easy's Another Word For Trouble, PG-15, 1/1, Gen

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Title: Easy's Another Word For Trouble
Rating: PG-15
Chapter: 1 of 1
Prompt: #150 - Taciturn for tamingthemuse
Wordcount: 3,454
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Disclaimer: I own nothing; it's all Kripke, man.
Summary: It was an easy job until the creature disappeared and left Sam stuck behind a mystical barrier. But really, Dean's sure it's gonna stay an easy job.
A/N: Not set during any season. Also, this came out a lot angstier than I thought. Hmm.

Warnings: Hurt!Sam, elusive!creature, angst, annoyed-worried-scared-pissedoff!Dean.

So the hunt was easy, no problems anywhere to be seen. Good luck was on their side for once.

Which was why Dean should've known it would all fall down around their ears.

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