June 5th, 2009

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hurt!Dean & hurt!Cas

Hey there guys!
I made this videos a few weeks ago and yeah,.. I hope you like it! :D Some hurt!Dean and hurt!Cas!! :D:D And a bit hurt!Ruby.

Story: Dean can't believe that his Sammy has changed for good. He wants to kill Ruby, because she was occasionally one of the reasons that Sam eventually has changed the sides. Meanwhile he asks Cas for help. But can he really kill Ruby without beeing stopped by Sam?
Song: Live Free Or Let Me Die
Artist: Skillet
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to the CW and Erik Kripke. I own nothing. It's just for fun. ;)

Link: here @ my LJ: Lights Within The Darkness

Fic: Hell's Child

Hell’s Child

Rating: R

Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel

Word Count: 1,743 words

Warning: post 4.22 “Lucifer Rising” contains spoilers for episode, graphic gore

Disclaimer: I’m under no delusions that I own them. Unfortunately.

Summary: post!apocalypse, broken!Sam; A month after Sam goes missing, Dean and Castiel find him, in more ways than one.