June 3rd, 2009

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In The Forests Of The Night, 1/1, PG-13, Gen

I signed up for Sweet Charity, and the all-too awesome devon99 was the winner. She gave me some absolutely lovely prompts, and I in turn had some fun with my muse.

This was the first fic, which she decided should be shared with everyone here. She's just awesome that way. ^_^

As always, you're welcome to friend for the fic, which is made public!

Title: In the Forests Of the Night
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Mid Season 2
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Written for the lovely devon99 for Sweet Charity: The last thing Sam remembered was falling down the hill. Sam and Dean get separated during a hunt while the cold night begins to fall.

A/N: Title totally taken from William Blake's poem The Tiger.

Warnings: Hurt!Sam, bigbrother!Dean, angst, dark-scary-cold!night.

Sam remembered falling.

X-posted to authoressnebula, sn_fic, spn_fanfics, hurt_sam, supernaturalfic and spn_hurtcomfort. Snag an oatmeal raisin cookie each time this pops on your f-list. (Yes, yes, it's not chocolate chip. They're still tasty and they're good for you. *stern look*)

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Locked Away 5/?

Title: Locked Away 5/?
Authors: igorsmaster and underdog_14
Pairing/Characters: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, other characters may be added later.
Rating: NC-17 as a whole. PG-13 in some parts.
Disclaimer: None of this is real. Just our wacky imaginations running wild... together. It's scary, really.
Summary: Jared and Jensen become trapped in a mountain cabin. This is their story of angst, smex and hopefully... eventually... true love.
Warnings: None of note, unless you call swearing and eventual porn warning-worthy.
Beta by the awesome shattershockred and the lovely salsa_babe . All found mistakes are otherwise ours.
Note: This is going to be a long fic. We've written 12 14 parts so far and it is still going strong. Woot!

Previous Chapters: Master Post here

Part Five here!!