May 31st, 2009

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Locked Away 4/?

Title: Locked Away 4/?
Authors: igorsmaster and underdog_14
Pairing/Characters: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, other characters may be added later.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: None of this is real. Just our wacky imaginations running wild... together. It's scary, really.
Summary: Jared and Jensen become trapped in a mountain cabin. This is their story of angst, smex and hopefully... eventually... true love.
Warnings: None of note, unless you call swearing and eventual porn warning-worthy.
Beta by the awesome shattershockred and the lovely salsa_babe . All found mistakes are otherwise ours.
Note: This is going to be a long fic. We've written 12 14 parts so far and it is still going strong. Woot!

Previous Chapters: Master Post here

Part Four
Z. Sam-Clouds.

He Ain't Heavy. 1/1. PG-13. Weechesters!

Title: He Ain’t heavy. 1/1.
Author: zenamydog
Rating: PG-13.
Characters: Weechesters! Sam, (6) Dean, (10) John.
Warnings: *Blink and miss Spoilers for 4.21 & 4:22.* Angst like... Whoa!
Beta: winchestergirl Thank you, babe!
Disclaimer: Man, if I owned these boys… It would happen just like I write it.

Summary: Dad's after a black dog and Dean's kinda pissed that he can’t help. But sometimes being a big brother isn’t such a bad thing, especially when your little brother is Sam Winchester.

When Sammy started to cry Dean wrapped both arms around him and pulled him in tight.