May 13th, 2009

crazy love

The Third Third 11A&B/11+

Title: The Third Third 11A&B / 11+

Author: insane_songbird 


Rating: NC17

Words: ~7.700 (in two parts due to length)

Warnings: Violence (Hello, it’s Ice Hockey!), Language, NC17 later-on (that means sex, people!)

Disclaimer: Slavery is bad... It’s a lie, all of it.

Summary: Being a Texas boy Jared Padalecki couldn’t care less about ice hockey. So Jared is slightly lost, when his new roommate Chad is the biggest fan on campus. But when he gets to tutor the most infamous player of the college team, things start to get downright scary. Jensen Ackles has a reputation for aggression control problems and Jared has no idea how to get through the semester without either falling for the handsome man or ending up in a fistfight he’d be sure to lose.