April 18th, 2009

crazy love

Fic: No Light Without Darkness, All Parts

Title: No Light Without Darkness 1-7/7

by insane_songbird 

Sam, Dean - Gen

R for violence

Total Word Count:
~31.700 (in 7 parts)

All hail the Krip for creating such utter awesomeness! Not mine, none of it. :(

Warning/Spoilers: Seasons 1-3 (not including S3 final), Language, Violence, Blood, Elevators

Summary: Sam and Dean go on a job in Nebraska… in the meantime Dean and Sam work a hunt in Wyoming. How’s that possible? Good question! When they notice something is wrong things get interesting and very dangerous... Can they still make it out of this in one piece?
Hurt!Dean, Abducted!Sam

Betaed by mangacat201 , thanks darling!
All Chapter Titles are the names of songs featured in a Supernatural episode.