March 30th, 2009

sleeping!jensen 2

Who wants a bit of hurt and a bit of sick!Jensen ???

hello everyone ;o)

Because we're all here for the same reasons, we can't say no to good hurt/sick boys fics, I say why not share the good stuff we all have in stock.

So let me present you some stories that I love, maybe you'll have some to offer too, while we wait for our "authors members" to update their own stories ;o)

I decided for this first post to rec some fics that we are not very used to see recommended.

Hurt!Jensen :

Good morning, Molly by no_candle_mom

An accident happens on the set of Supernatural that leaves Jensen in a very bad situation.

The fact that it happens on set and could be real made me love that fic.

Al the kings horses by slip_it_in_j2
May 2009 and the largest earthquake in recorded history hits the Los Angeles area. Jared and Jensen get caught in the middle of it.

Personaly, I was totally hooked by this one, and totally in tears when it ended !! Which does not happen every day, believe me...


I'll Take Care Of You by ladyrhyanne
Jared thinks that Jensen stoned on Codeine and being all touchy feely might just kill him. He never considered that it might just lead to an unexpected revelation he never thought was even possible.

Jared is too adorable taking care of Jensen in this fic ;o)

Sometimes, Koalas Just Won't Do by sparklingrocks
Jared and Jensen learn just how fast things can go downhill when Jensen gets sick on
a flight to Australia. Together with Max, a doctor, they struggle through the flight with very limited medical equipment on board.

Damn do you know that fic ??? Sick!jensen lovers will be in heaven for two long and captivating chapters !

Enjoy and share the good stuff too if you have some ;o)