March 18th, 2009

Pain R 1of?

Disclaimer:- I don’t know the actors this is pure fantasy and not meant to offend.


Pairing:- Jensen/Jared


Warnings:-Might be NC17 in later parts


Summary:- Established relationship but will the boys be able to deal with the consequences of an accident on set?

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I´d just like to introduce myself as your lovely mod. *waves around* As you probably would have guessed already, I´m no native speaker - that´s exactly the reason why I need other people to write my kinks for me. ;)
No seriously. If I´m not making sense to you at some point, it´s probably because I´m english challenged. Please let me know and I go ask LEO.
If you have any kind of problems or questions (or just feel the sudden urge to tell me how much you adored the limp!Sam/hurt!Dean-ness during the last episode), please go ahead and talk to me. =) Anytime.

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