March 17th, 2009

Via The Glass (1/?)

Title: Via The Glass (1/?)
Author: parislove27
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: teen!Sam/Dean (nothing sexual!)
Genre: AU, hurt!Dean, 17 yr old Sam, 21 yr old Dean
Rating: PG-13 for language
Status: Incomplete
Disclaimer: I am not Eric Kripke, so I can't have the boys over at my house
Summary: When Dean attempts to cheer Sam up, he's the one that has to pay for it.

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  • rei17

Welcome to spn_hurt/comfort!

This community mainly exists because witchy78  and I realized we have an unhealthy addiction to everything dealing with hurt!sick!angsty!Jensen in common. We really adore that boy and I swear we only want to hurt him so someone *coughsjaredcoughs* can make it better and take care of him.
So I thought - why is there no hurt!Jensen-community out there? And then I thought, hey I love to hurt Dean, too, why not make a com for both. And then ... well, I didn´t want to be intolerant and I knew there are lots if people who love hurtJared and limp!Sam (and this is awesome, too!) and here we go. ;)

Everything is welcome here that deals with Spn and hurt/comfort.
If you´re not sure, if your fic/art belongs here, just comment here and ask me. I don´t bite, I promise.