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Random. But it's almost christmas.
So we totally need a christmas-y h/c-comment-fic-meme. ;) 
It's nice if your prompt includes winter or christmas or new year's eve, but it's not mandatory. Please enjoy.
You all know the rules, but I'll share them again.

Teh Rulez
01. Comment to this post with your prompt and desired pairing(s).
Be as specific or unspecific as you like.

pedal_blur : Sam, Dean, Bobby (gen): On their first Christmas after the war is over, Dean is super-sick with a cold/flu/whatever, but it's all okay because the war is over!

pedal_blur : Jared / Jensen: Jensen gets a pretty nasty cold (congested breath, rattling chest etc. - mainly hurting all over), is tired, exhausted and completely lost of any defenses against Jared´s mother henning.

pdragon76 : Dean, John, gen, preseries. First Christmas with Sam away at Stanford. Dean gets concussed while hunting; he's pretty out of it, rambles a lot about Sam.
Tags: author: pdragon76, genre: gen, hurt!dean, hurt!jensen, pairing: jared/jensen, type: meme
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